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Crop Germplasm Committees

Crop Germplasm Committees (CGC)

The Crop Germplasm Committees are comprised of a cross section of NPGS users who provide technical support to NPGS genebanks and collections.


Crop Germplasm Committees (CGC) serve as subject matter experts to guide curatorial staff on best practices, including the priorities and techniques for characterizing the collections. They also help review proposals that fund plant explorations and evaluation grants for scientific rigor.

There are currently 44 CGCs representing almost all major and minor crops of economic importance in the U.S. Each committee includes a chair and members from government agencies, universities, and commercial interests who volunteer their time and expertise to support the NPGS.


Document title Description
Roles and Responsibilities Additional information about CGC organization and function.
Crop Vulnerability Statement Outline A guide to the format and content of Crop Vulnerability Statements.
Success Story Template A template for sharing a Success Story resulting from the utilization of Plant Genetic Resources.


Committee Roster

Document title

Committee Roster

Document title

Committee Roster

Document title

Annual CGC Chair Briefings

Document title
2024 CGC Chairs Briefing
2023 CGC Chairs Briefing
2022 CGC Chairs Briefing
2021 CGC Chairs Briefing
2019 CGC Webinar Briefings (Updated)
2019 CGC Chairs Briefing
2018 CGC Chairs Briefing
2016 CGC Chairs Briefing
2015 CGC Chairs Briefing
2014 CGC Chairs Briefing
2012-2013 CGC Chairs Briefing