Phaseolus Crop Germplasm Committee
November 8, 2006
Newark, Delaware

Jim Beaver
Mark Brick**
Phil Griffiths**
Jim Kelly
Phil Miklas**
Jim Myers**
Juan M. Osorno**
M.A. Pastor-Corrales**
Tim Porch**
Howard Schwartz
Shree Singh**
Jim Steadman**
Molly Welsh*


Secretary’s note:  Minutes will be submitted electronically to members.  If you are aware of someone in attendance-or otherwise-who would like a copy, please contact me.
            If you are aware of someone who is not listed as a member, please also contact me.

Chairman Jim Myers called the meeting order.  A self-introduction was made by each attendee.  The minutes from the November 2005 meeting in Newark, DE were read, corrected, and approved.

Mark Bohning was unable to attend, but sent a report: “NGRL/PEO report to PGOC, RATACs AND CGCs 2006”.  Copies were available, but if anyone needs another, please contact the secretary.

A suggestion was made to have the PCGC minutes published in GRIN; discussion followed.   Molly will see about this.  (See note at end of report)

Discussion concerning the CIAT core collection included Tim Porch reporting that he has the CIAT core, but for the type IVs.  Discussion & suggestions followed about the difficulties of getting material from CIAT.  Tim suggested that requests as a group might be more successful. 
Following were discussions about the CIAT database & what information is available.  Discussions continued about obtaining material from other countries and about how to get breeding materials.
We were reminded that there was a germplasm priorities committee set up last year.  Molly reported that she had made a list of priorities, and sent it to the committee members.  Apparently it got lost in the shuffle, so she will send it again.

It was suggested that a committee be formed to support requests from the curator and that such committee & the PCGC chair will provide a letter of support when the curator makes requests.

Molly Welsh gave the report for the Germplasm Collection.  Although temporary funding was provided for the virus testing position for 9 months in 2006, there is no more funding available.  The position has been eliminated.  Molly will be attempting to do some of the testing, particularly on accessions that are heavily requested.

1) Gemini virus project – no attendees – no report.
2) Rust co-evolution study – is at its beginning; a cooperative agreement has been worked out; the money is now at Nebraska; material from Honduras is being screened, including lunatus, coccineus, & wild vulgaris. Three lunatus show some resistance, wild vulgaris shows low resistance, but some landraces show high resistance, and 10 domestic coccineus show resistance.  Preliminary work will also screen for web blight resistance, but a differential set needs to be developed.
There followed a discussion about rust & rust prone areas around the world, in particular on snap beans.

Two new projects accepted for review: one from Mark Brick & Howard Schwartz on bacterial wilt, and one from Phil Griffiths on Bean Yellow Vein Virus.

New business

  1. Discussion concerning priorities for collection, in particular “landrace” beans from Africa & lunatus materials from the Caribbean.
  2. Jim Steadman & Jim Myers proposal to make collections in Mozambique is in the final stages of approval, ie. the panel needs to meet & then they need to get permission from the host country.
  3. Some discussion about committee members & suggestions for new members, including John Reyapathi, Dan Walquist, and Alyson Thornton, nominated to replace Chet Kurowski.  Member list attached.

Phil Griffiths will be the new chair of the PCGC and Mark Brick will do the secretarial duties.  Tim Porch reminded everyone he is the head of the Genetics Committee.

The next meeting of the PCGC, in conjunction with the meeting of the W-1150 will be held at the 2007 BIC meeting

The meeting was adjourned.


submitted by Molly Welsh, Secretary


Note:  there is a link to the PCGC on the GRIN site, but some things are not up-to-date.  I will see about updating & we DO need to get the new “Phaseolus Crop Germplasm Committee Report” – the one in there is from 1997! 

Crop Germplasm Committees                   http://www.ars-grin.gov/npgs/cgcweb.html

Crop Germplasm Committee Lists, Members, Descriptors, News           http://www.ars-grin.gov/npgs/cgcweb.html

Phaseolus CGC       http://www.ars-grin.gov/npgs/cgclist.html#Phaseolus



Phaseolus CGC Members – November 2006
            *ex-oficio                   **private sector

Mark Bohning*
Mark Brick (Secretary 2007)
Phil Griffiths (Chair 2007)
Ken Kmiecik**
Rich Larsen
Roxanne Mainz**
Tom Michaels**
Phil Miklas
Jim Myers (chair 2006)
Jim Nienhuis
Juan M. Osorno
M.A. Pastor-Corrales
Tim Porch (Genetics committee chair)
Shree Singh
Jim Steadman
Ann Marie Thro*
Carlos A. Urrea
Greg Varner**
Molly Welsh* (secretary 2006)