Minutes of the Phaseolus Crop Germplasm Committee

October 31, 2007
Concourse Hotel, Madison, WI

Phillip Griffith called the meeting to order.  Minutes were distributed to the member of W-6.  A motion made and second to approve the minutes.

Mark Bohning was unable to attend, but sent a report to PGOC.  Chairperson Phillip Griffiths (Griff) summarized the report and indicated if anyone wanted a copy of the report they would be made available.

Molly Welch gave a status report on the Phaseolus collection at the USDA Western Region Plant Introduction Station (WRPIS), Pullman WA (report attached). Copies of the report were distributed.  Molly indicated that at this time, the WRPIS does not have a permanent research leader.  She also reported that testing of accession was enhanced by the hiring of a new technician.  Greenhouse seed increases are being conducted under lights to overcome photoperiod problems. They are working on a P. coccineus core collection and to update the P. lunatus collections.  Dr. Shree Singh asked whether the WRPIS has any P. costaricensis in the collection, and can we get from CIAT?  Answer; We will make a request from CIAT for some accessions.

Project Reports from projects funded by NPGS:

1)  Jim Steadman gave a report on the project “A search for genetic resistance to the rust and web blight pathogens in wild and land races of Andean and Middle American beans collected from areas of host-pathogen co-evolution”.  Jim indicated that the work is ongoing and presented a powerpoint presentation of the results.

2)  Howard Schwartz provided a report for the project, “Evaluation of the Phaseolus core collection for reaction to bacteria wilt”.  Work on the project has just begun and evaluations will be screened in the greenhouse.

Griff announced that the deadline for new PGC evaluation proposals was due Nov 16, 2007 and proposals should be sent to him.

New Business:

Jim Myers reported on the Plant Gemplasm Committees status reports, which are available on GRIN.  Jim and others are in the process of updating sections of the report.  Jim asked for volunteers to help with the update.  It was agreed that an email will be sent to PGC members to write portions of the update.  Paul Gepts proposed a link on the BIC website to this report on GRIN.

A discussion followed regarding the need to fill gaps in collection and germplasm exploration needs.  The general discussion was that there is a need to give priority to the need for exploration for new germplasm and emerging priorities such as bacterial wilt and the effect of global warming on indigenous germplasm in Latin and South America. Other comments were: There may be a need to enhance the lima bean collection.  There may be a need to collect in Mozambique.  What about other collection such as European collections in Spain?  Daniel Debouck gave a report on germplasm activities and exchange at CIAT.  He indicated that evaluation of current germplasm needs to be reemphasized.  A discussion followed regarding the need for screening for disease resistance such as white mold.  Discussions about whether the core collection represents the entire collection, and should the accession that make up the core be revisited.  There were agreements that the CIAT and USDA core collections should be compared.

Next meeting:  It was suggested that the PGC meet with the W-1150 in Puerto Rico, 2009.

Other business:
Allyson Thornton, Harris Moran Seed Co. was added as a; member to the PGC.

Meeting adjourned.


Respectively submitted,
Mark A. Brick
October 31, 2007






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