Oct 19, 2018: Yesterday

11:04 AM Ticket #1764 (Create Custom Error Message When Crystal Reports Doesn't Have any Data) created by dbmumr
A user reported having an error in the Order Wizard. The user looked at …

Oct 18, 2018:

9:04 AM Ticket #1763 (Create Custom Error Message to Guide PW Users when Server Error Msg ...) created by dbmumr
The frequency of the "Server Error in '/gringlobal' Application." message …

Oct 16, 2018:

5:38 PM Ticket #1762 (Context Menu Verbiage - Change "Delete" to "Close") created by dbmumr
Change the verbiage on the search tool and curator tool context menus to …
4:55 PM Ticket #1761 (Canceling an Unsaved New Record Creates an "Unhandled exception") created by dbmumr
When you are still sitting on the new row when you hit cancel, the CT is …
4:22 PM Ticket #1760 (CT Opening with no Active Tab Fosters Error Opportunities) created by dbmumr
The CT opens without the left tab being the active tab to speed up the …

Oct 5, 2018:

3:47 PM Ticket #1759 (CT Panels Need to be Scrollable) created by dbmumr
The CT screen's individual panels should be scrollable. In the .28 …
2:40 PM Ticket #1734 (ORDER WIZARD - Web Order Tab Fixes) closed by dbmumr
10:04 AM Ticket #1700 (Wrong version of nsgc packing list got into CT build) closed by dbmuqs
10:03 AM Ticket #1699 (Crop trait codes with '=' char in title will not drag/drop into CT) closed by dbmuqs
10:02 AM Ticket #1645 (Have attachment wizard put plant part in new description_code column) closed by dbmuqs
8:33 AM Ticket #1736 (PW form distributed must correctly display in the OW inthe case of ...) closed by lburke
8:32 AM Ticket #1728 (Add additional fields to the OW from the inventory dataview in the CT) closed by lburke
8:31 AM Ticket #1636 (Add Web order item note visibility to the OW) closed by lburke

Oct 4, 2018:

4:34 PM Ticket #1758 (Accession Wizard Column Stability) closed by dbmumr
4:29 PM Ticket #1758 (Accession Wizard Column Stability) created by dbmumr
In the Accession Wizard, in the Quarantine dataview (maybe others?), when …
4:29 PM Ticket #1757 (Accession Wizard Column Stability) created by dbmumr
In the Accession Wizard, in the Quarantine dataview (maybe others?), when …
4:25 PM Ticket #1614 (Trailing Underscores in Filenames vs. Foldernames for Attach Wizard) closed by dbmumr
4:24 PM Ticket #1577 (Display of PDFs on Public Website - Storing MIME Types) closed by dbmumr
4:23 PM Ticket #1349 (DeleteImage Web Method Needs to Configured) closed by dbmumr
4:22 PM Ticket #1116 (CT Password Expiration Warning / Reset Mechanism) closed by dbmumr
2:46 PM Ticket #1756 (fixed "top of page" button to avoid scrolling) created by melsch
On taxonomy pages with long lists of results (from search by family, …
2:43 PM Ticket #1625 (search button) closed by melsch
12:40 PM Ticket #1655 (Order Wizard inconsistently saves modifications to existing records) closed by nc7pc
12:39 PM Ticket #1656 (Viability Wizard needs to be able to sort new tests by Taxon and Seq. No.) closed by nc7pc

Oct 3, 2018:

2:36 PM Ticket #1017 (Editing query in dynamic folder properties and saving makes dataview ...) closed by nc7mm
fixed: This appears to have been fixed before and is still working in …

Oct 1, 2018:

3:04 PM Ticket #1755 (filter in taxonomy wizard) created by melsch
The Filter feature seems to be broken in the TW. You used to be able to …
2:34 PM Ticket #1754 (hybrid symbol on accession detail page) created by melsch
Please modify the accession detail header so that the scientific name …

Sep 28, 2018:

4:26 PM Ticket #1753 (list comparison for taxonomy) created by melsch
To be passed around and discussed as needed. I really need a way to …
2:59 PM Ticket #1752 (method accession download incomplete) created by melsch
The download dataset option on the method accession aspx doesn't produce a …
2:51 PM Ticket #1751 (generate email when nomenclature changes) created by melsch
Several curators have requested an email notification when there is a name …
2:45 PM Ticket #1750 (species accession count and map to include conspecific taxa) created by melsch
When a species has conspecific taxa (varieties, subspecies, and/or forms), …

Sep 26, 2018:

4:53 PM Ticket #1487 (warning for deleting rows) closed by melsch
fixed: addressed in
8:20 AM Ticket #1703 (Export to Excel not working correctly) closed by dbmukk

Sep 25, 2018:

12:12 PM Ticket #1718 (incorrect synonym links) closed by dbmukk
12:12 PM Ticket #1719 (genus synonym code) closed by dbmukk
10:37 AM Ticket #1730 (taxonomy wizard lookup pickers) closed by dbmukk

Sep 24, 2018:

8:59 AM Ticket #1749 (Image Orientation fix) created by dbmukk
When images are uploaded using the Attach Wizard, it should check for EXIF …
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