The GRIN-Global Project

The GRIN-Global project's mission is to provide a scalable version of the Germplasm Resource Information Network (GRIN) suitable for use by any interested genebank in the world. The GRIN-Global database platform has been and is being implemented at various genebanks around the world. For more information about GRIN-Global, review this website's pages or contact the GG International Help Desk.

The first version, 1.0.7, was released in December, 2011 in a joint effort by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, Bioversity International, and the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA. The U.S. National Plant Germplasm System version ( entered into production on November 30, 2015.

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News & Notes

GRIN-Global International Helpdesk

eMail address:

NordGen GG Workshop - 2019, Jan.28-Feb.1

The Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen) scientists and IT personnel participated in a GRIN-Global workshop at Malmö, Sweden the week of January 28, 2019. Participants - front row: Linnea Oskarsson, Jan Svensson; back row: Martin Reisinger (instructor), Ulrica Carlson-Nilsson, Anna Palmé, Annette Hägnefelt, Jette Nydam Hansen, Mohammed El-Khalifeh, Ludmila Papouskova (Czech Republic Crop Research Institute), Kjell-Åke Lundblad. Check out the video!

GG/Genesys Planning Session - 2018, Nov.6-8

The National Germplasm Resources Lab hosted a GRIN-Global/Genesys planning meeting in Beltsville November 6-8, 2018. Participants - front row: Melanie Schori (USDA), Matija Obreza (Crop Trust), Juan Carlos Alarcon (CIMMYT); back row: Pete Cyr (USDA), Karen Kittel (USDA), Martin Reisinger, Quinn Sinnott (USDA), Kurt Endress (USDA). Not Shown: Gary Kinard (USDA). During the international GRIN-Global steering committee session on November 8, the group was joined by Edwin Rojas (Peru-CIP) and Eugene Timmermans (Canada-PGRC).

RDA GRIN-Global Workshop - 2018,Oct.29-Nov.2

USDA's National Germplasm Resources Laboratory in Beltsville Maryland hosted three colleagues from the National Agrobiodiversity Center of the Rural Development Administration of Korea (RDA) for GRIN-Global training on October 29-November 1, 2018. Participating in the training were (front): Eun-Ae Yoo, Jongsun Kim, and Gyu Taek Cho. (back): Martin Reisinger, Instructor.

Two New GG Organizations - 2018, October 31

Welcome to the family of GG sites -- International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) [] and Australian Pastures Genebank (APG) [].

GG CT & Server Updates - 2018, August 27

New releases of the Curator Tool and server components are available. Please see the respective Release Notes for details.

GG Updater - 2018, July 26

It is now possible with the GG Updater to upgrade an existing GRIN-Global database server with a new GG software environment without overlaying the existing curatorial data in the database.

If your organization will be installing GRIN-Global, the server components release 1.10.2 is available from the USDA server. Please refer to the GG Server Installation documentation at

The US NPGS is planning on having new releases of both the Curator Tool and the server components available in August, 2018.

June 2018 GRIN-Global & Genesys Workshop

48 participants attended the successful GG/Genesys Workshop held in Porto, Portugal from June 4-8. Thanks is extended to the wonderful hosts from the Portugal National Genebank (INIAV), especially Ana Barata. Presentations may be viewed from

2017 Help Desk Activity - Mexico City (CIMMYT)

In 2017, the GRIN-Global Help desk received 80 requests from: Bolivia, Brazil, China, CIAT, CIMMYT, CIP, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala , ICRISAT, IITA, India, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Uruguay and USA.

GRIN-Global / Genesys workshop October, 2017 - Mexico City (CIMMYT)

You can download the presentations material at


  • Batch upload (add-on) Developed by CIP
  • Attachment (add-on) Developed by CIP
  • Lists (add-on) Developed by CIP
  • Viability data (add-on) Developed by USDA, available with Curator-Tool version
  • EASY-SMTA wizard (Add-on)  Evaluation phase.