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* Invertebrate Germplasm
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 National Invertebrate Genetic Resources

Tour of the ROBO Database

Following are some comments to help describe and explain the database and its reports. Many hypertext links are available. One can click on underlined items to proceed/expand/explore.

  1. Forms
    • Form 941 - Invertebrate Shipment Record - Foreign/Overseas Source (Records information on foreign collection and importation of invertebrate natural enemies of invertebrates and weeds, and of foreign pollinators.)
    • Form 942 - Invertebrate Shipment Record - Quarantine Source (Records the consignment, shipment, or release of imported invertebrate natural enemies and pollinators from U.S. quarantine facilities.)
    • Form 943 - Invertebrate Shipment/Release Record - Non-Quarantine Source (Records the release or shipment of invertebrate natural enemies from non-quarantine U.S. facilities or the field-to-field recolonization of established introduced natural enemies.)
    • Form 944 - Exotic Microorganism Shipment Record - Foreign/Overseas Source (Records information on foreign collection and importation of microbial natural enemies of invertebrates and weeds.)
    • Form 944A - Record of Release of Exotic Microorganism (Records the field release of exotic microbial natural enemies of invertebrates and weeds for experimental field testing or establishment; does not include information on commercial microbial products.)
    • Recoveries, Establishments, Impacts - Planned for the Future.

      1981-85 Records in ROBO (1-Oct-1998)

      • 941 file: Invertebrate Importations - 3,945 records (including 176 microbial records)
      • 941 file: Invertebrate Exports - 505 records (plus 53 sent to U.S. Territories)
      • 944 file: Microbial Importations - 1,630 records (Plus 176 in 941 file = 2,244)
      • 944 file: Microbial Exports - 438 records
      • 942 file: Quarantine Shipments/Releases - 2,673 records (2,598 invertebrate; 75 microbial)
      • 943 file: Non-Quarantine Shipments/Releases (Invertebrates) - 10,499 records
      • 944A file: Microbial Releases - 16 records (currently in 943 file)
      • Recovery/Establishment/Impact - 0 records

      • TOTAL:19,706 records

  2. Reference Numbers, Shipper File Numbers, etc.
    • The general, perferred, format is "FAC INT YEAR SEQ" where FAC = the Facility ID, INT = Person's Initials, YEAR = Year as "a four digit number", SEQ = Sequence number. However, some variation in the format is acceptable.
    • Click on underlined items to explore the individual records.
  3. Collections, Releases, etc.
    • Each item can contain/reference other records.
    • There is liberal use of comment fields in all records.
    • Click on underlined items to explore the individual records.
  4. Facility Codes. See also, the Explanation of Main ROBO Browser below, for search information.
    • Here a recent, static, list of Facility codes.
    • Here a live search function to locate Facility codes.


Several reports are available, and additional reports are planned. It is often just as efficient to browse the database directly; see the explanation of ROBO Browser below.

  • As a sample of what is possible, a guided tour for searching information on RELEASES OF NATURAL ENEMIES in Montana has been prepared.

  • In a similar manner, here are links to all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

  • ROBO Report - Information by Location, U.S. States

    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming.

  • ROBO is much more than a record of releases. The database includes information on foreign collections and sources, importation and quarantine, taxonomic, and culture in addition to domestic shipments, releases and recolonizations. See ROBO Mission Statement, and the following Tour.

    After taking the guided tour, the MAIN ROBO BROWSER is available to search for individual shipment records by browsing Facilities, People, Scientific names, or Countries.

    Data entry - On-line data entry forms have been developed and are being tested, utilizing "1986" records on file in the ARS Biological Control Documentation Center (BCDC).

    Return to: ROBO

    Updated 20-Oct-2005
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