Introduce a broad genetic base for tropical and subtropical horticultural crops believed to have economic potential in warm humid regions of the United States or its territories.

Evaluate the introduced populations for their genetic structure, horticultural variation, and botanical characteristics.

Preserve a diverse sub-set representing a broad genetic base for each crop.
Distribute the material to research scientist, botanical gardens, nurserymen and parks as is appropriate.

The National Germ Plasm Repository is one of eighteen such repositories in the NPGS. The NGR-Miami shares responsibility with Mayaguez - Puerto Rico, for maintaining the U.S. clonal collections of mango, avocado, banana and plantain, tropical citrus, annonas, sugarcane and related grasses, palms, Tripsacum, and a few other relatively minor tropical crops.

Germplasm Holdings:

The NGR-Miami maintains approximately 6000 accessions. The majority of the holdings (3500) are in the major fruit and grass collections. The remaining 2500 accessions are ornamental, chemurgic, and spice introductions from tropical and subtropical areas of the world. These plants are a unique collection and requests for material come from many scientific disciplines. Small quantities of germplasm are distributed to bona fide scientists for research purposes.

Before requesting germplasm, please review distribution conditions that may apply on the Distribution page .

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