The Friends of Chapman Field is a not-for-profit organization that was established in 1994 to assist and support the research, education and public service activities of ARS scientists at this station which has been historically known as “Chapman Field”.

On January 23, 2005, Friends of Chapman Field met at the Subtropical Horticultural Research Station (SHRS) in Miami, FL. Robert Heath, SHRS Location Coordinator, introduced the organization’s president, Stephen Pearson, and commented on ongoing projects at the station. Mr. Pearson introduced the members present and elaborated on the ongoing projects within the organization and their efforts to assist the Station.

The meeting highlighted the need for adequate resources and grant increases on some of the Station’s projects. Finally, the meeting heard statements from the project leaders and the importance of the relationship with the organization.

The following personnel from SHRS attended the meeting: Robert Heath, Alan Meerow, Stewart Reed, Ray Schnell and Tomas Ayala-Silva.

Friends of Chapman Field present were: Stephen Pearson, John DeMott, Jack Fisher, David Lee, Waldy Klassen, Terence Walters, Larry Schockman, Robert J. Knight, Jr., Betty Moss, Bobbe Dooley, Ray McGuire and Chris Migliaccio.


SHRS Miami Ground Breaking Ceremony

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History of Chapman Field

Friends of Chapman Field

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