The Small Fruits of New York

by Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick

assisted by G.H. Howe, O.M. Taylor, Alwin Berger, G.L. Slate and Olav Einset

The Small Fruits of New York was the seventh and last in a series of fruit monographs published by the New York Agricultural Experiment Station. This reference was completed by U. P. Hedrick in 1925 and has become a classic reference for those working with cultivated varieties of Rubus, Ribes and Fragaria. At NCGR-Corvallis, the descriptions and illustrations in this reference are used to verify identities of historic cultivars growing in the small fruit germplasm collections.

Thanks to Avery Wilkins for scanning the plates, adding cultivar names and borders to the images, and converting images to appropriate size and resolution for web display.
December 1995

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