People Working in Seed Biology and Technology


The following is a list of people involved in seed biology and technology. If you would like to be added to the list, please send appropriate information to

Mr. Ayman H. Abou-TablGeneral Company for Silos and Warehousing, Damietta Port, EgyptSeed Pathology, Seed Technology, Cereal Grains
Dr. Claudinei AndreoliCNPMS/EMBRAPA, Sete Lagos, BrazilDormancy, Vigor, Quality, Matriconditioning, Purity
Dr. Leopoldo L. BaudetUniversidade Federal de Pelotas, FAEM/Departamento de Fitotecnia, Pelotas, BrazilSeed Biology, Seed Pre-conditioning, Conditioning and Storage, Marketing, TQM, ISO-9000
Dr. Omar BazzigalupiLaboratorio Biologia de Semillas - EEA INTA, Pergamino, ArgentinaSeed Biology and Technology, Emergence, Germination, Quality, Vigor, Crop Establ ishment models
Dr. Sean Mark BellairsCentre for Mined Land Rehabilitation, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, AustraliaSeed Biology, Ecology, Germination, Dormancy, Physiolog y, Storage
Dr. Mark A. BennettThe Ohio State University, Columbus, OhioVegetables, Seed Quality, Seedling Establishment
Dr. Patricia BerjakUniversity of Natal, Durban, South AfricaCellular Architecture, Water Relations, Desiccation-Tolerance, Seed Biology, Storage, Plant In Vitro Techn ology
Dr. Raoul J. BinoCPRO-DLO, Wageningen, The NetherlandsSeed Physiology, Germination, Quality, Priming, Sorting
Dr. Charles C. BlockNorth Central PI Station, Ames, IASeed Pathology, Plant Germplasm
Dr. Ivan I. BoubriakOxford Research Unit, The Open University, Oxford, UKSeed, Embryo, DNA Repair, Desiccation Tolerance
Renato D. de CastroCPRO-DLO, Wageningen, The NetherlandsSeed, Cell Cycle, DNA, Germination, Tomato, Tubulin
Dr. Marc A. CohnLouisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LASeed Dormancy, Red Rice, Dormancy-breaking Chemicals, QSAR, Signal Transduction
Dr. Lawrence O. CopelandMichigan State University, East Lansing, MISeed Physiology, Conditioning, Treatment, Statistics Applied on Seed Testing
Dr. I.O. DanielUniversity of Agriculture, Abeokuta, NigeriaSeed Aging Modeling, Seed System Development, Hybrid Seed Production, Cultivar Documentation
Mr. Phillip James DavidsonThe University of Queensland, Brisbane, AustraliaSeed Germination, Dormancy, Physiology, Native Grasses
Dr. Elisabetta FalleriUniversita di Firenze, Florence, ItalyForest Tree Seeds, Seed Dormancy, Storage and Germination
Dr. Jill M. FarrantUniversity of Cape Town, South AfricaSeed Storage, Dormancy, Germination
Dr. Jia-Rui FuZhongshan University, Guangzhou, People's Republic of ChinaSeed Vigor, Desiccation Sensitivity and Tolerance, Heat Shock Proteins, Seed Quality
Mr. Manuel González-MartínViceconsejería Medio Ambiente, Las Palmas de Gobierno de CanariasSeed Germination, Threatened Plants, Seed Storage
Mr. Gokhan HacisalihogluCornell University, Geneva, NYSeed Dormancy, Germination, Priming, Vigor
Dr. Stuart P. HardegreeUSDA-ARS Northwest Watershed Research Center, Boise, IdahoEcophysiology, Germination, Priming, Seedbed, Microclimate, Modeling, Stress, Growt h, Establishment, Rangeland, Weeds
Dr. George D. HillLincoln University, New ZealandPhaseolus vulgaris, Pisum sativum, Legumes, Hard Seed, Quality
Dr. Norman W. HopperTexas Tech University, Lubbock, TXCottonseed, Vigor, Quality, Cold Tolerance
Dr. Marcin HorbowiczResearch Institute of Vegetable Crops, Skierniewice, PolandSeed Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physiology
Dr. Yue-ie C. HsingAcademia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, ROCSoybean, Seed Maturation Proteins
Dr. Jin HuZhejiang University, ChinaSeed Coating, Seed Priming and Quality, Seed Storage, Vigor
Mr. Hamdino Mohamed IbrahimMansoura University, EgyptVegetable Seed Priming (Potato, Tomato, Eggplant)
Hai-Chun JingCPRO-DLO, Wageningen, The NetherlandsSeed Quality, Development, Germination, Cell Cycle, DNA, Cucumber
Dr. Anwar A. KhanNYSAES, Geneva, NYSeed Physiology, Dormancy, Vigor, Hormonal Regulation, Stand Establishment, Priming
Dr. Warren H.J. KuoNational Taiwan UniversitySeed Ecology, Seed Technology
Mr. David A. KovachNorth Central PI Station, Ames, IASeed Dormancy, Desiccation Tolerance, Seed Storage
Ms. Po-Ching (Dora) LeeNYSAES, Geneva, NYSeed Aging, Color Sorting, Seed Coating, Quality Assessment, International Agriculture, Seed System Development
Robert J. LegroIncotec International, Enkhuizen, The NetherlandsSeed Coating, Filmcoating, Pelleting
Dr. A. Carl LeopoldBoyce Thompson Institute, Ithaca, NYDesiccation Tolerance
Dr. Olivier LeprinceWageningen Agricultural University, Wageningen, The NetherlandsDesiccation Tolerance, Seed Biochemistry, Seed Storage
Mr. Hongyu LiuMichigan State University, East Lansing, MISeed Physiology, Conditioning, Treatment, Statistics Applied on Seed Testing
Dr. Irina V. LyanguzovaBotanical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, RussiaSeed Germination, Vaccinium, Empetrum, Productivity, Air Pollution
Dr. Miller B. McDonaldThe Ohio State University, Columbus, OhioSeed Physiology, Seed Technology
Dr. Antonio MedeirosEmbrapa Forestry, BrazilSeed Physiology, Desiccation Tolerance, Recalcitrant Seed, Storage
Dr. Khademi MehrassaGoldsmith Seed, Inc., Gilroy, CASeed Production / Post Harvest, Seed Testing (Plug), Aging, Enhancement
Ms. Marilyn S. MilhousColorado Seed Laboratory, Ft. Collins, CORange Grasses, TZ Testing, Germination
Dr. Tai-Gi MinTaegu University, South KoreaSeed Coating, Quality Assessment, Seed Sorting Technology
Mr. Marcos MoralesMichigan State University, East Lansing, MISeed Physiology, Quality and Performance, Treatment, Germination, Vigor
Mrs. Claudine MullerINRA Centre of Nancy, Champenoux, FranceForestry Seeds, Germination, Storage
Dr. Alistair J. MurdochUniversity of Reading, UKSeed Dormancy, Ecology, Germination, Temperature, Weeds, Vigor
Dr. Subhash C. Naithani Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, IndiaForest Tree Seeds, Cryostorage Desiccation-Intolerance, Storage
Dr. Anant R. Nautiyal HNB Garhwal University, Uttaranchal, IndiaTree Seed Viability, Dormancy, Germination, Development
Dr. Robert E.L. NaylorUniversity of Aberdeen, Scotland, UKCereal and Forage Grasses, Seed Production, Aging, Germination
Dr. Ralph L. ObendorfCornell University, Ithaca, NYRegulation of Seed Development, Maturation and Germination. Seed Phytochemicals.
Dr. Mel O. OluochCPRO-DLO, Wageningen, The NetherlandsSeed Physiology, Storage, Development, Germination, Priming
Dr. Norman PammenterUniversity of Natal, Durban, South AfricaWhole Plant Stress Physiology, Global Climate Change, Water Relations, Desiccation-sensitive Seeds
Dr. Ben J. PostWageningen Agricultural University, The NetherlandsSeedbank, Arable Weeds, Dormancy, Germination, Emergence, Population Dynamics, Soil Cultivation, Weed Community
Mr. Marcelo QueijoMichigan State University, East Lansing, MISeed Physiology, Quality, Certification, Germination, Vigor, Genetics of Cold Germination
Dr. Krzysztof RakowskiForest Research Institute, Warsaw, PolandSeed Storage, Germination, Hormones.
Ali RizwanNational Institute for Biology and Genetics Engineering, PakistanVirus-Free Seed Potato Production, Micro Tubers
Antoinette N. SalomaoCenargen/Embrapa, Brasilia, BrazilForestry Seed Cryopreservation, Desiccation-Tolerance, Dormancy and Ecology
Dr. Tong Yun ShenSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umea, SwedenSeed Physiology, Biochemistry, Vigour, Viability, Dormancy, Storage
V. SivakumarInstitute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Tamil Nadu, IndiaTree Seed Technology, Recalcitrant Seeds
Dr. Songquan SongZhongshan University, Guangzhou, People's Republic of ChinaDesiccation Sensitivity and Tolerance, Dormancy, Heat Shock Proteins, Stress Physiology.
Mark E. SorrellsCornell University, Ithaca, NYGrain Dormancy, Wheat, Vivipary Preharvest Sprouting
Mr. Marco A. de SouzaEMBRAPA-CPAC, Planaltina, BrazilForage Seed, Seed Quality, Seed Storage
Arjan StolteBejo Zaden, b.v., Warmenhuizen, The NetherlandsSeed Physiology, Seed Technology, Seed Quality, Seed Production, Priming, Seed Cleaning
Dr. Cecil StushnoffColorado State University, Ft. Collins, COCryopreservation, Dormancy, Cold Hardiness, Biotechnoly, Environmental Stress
Dr. Wendell Q. SunNational University of SingaporeSeed Desiccation Tolerance, Storage Stability, Cellular Water, Preservation of Desiccation-sensitive Seeds
Dr. David TayOrnamental Plant Germplasm Center, Ohio State University, Columbus, OHSeed Production, Seed Quality and Seed Testing of Tropical and Subtropical Species
Dr. Dennis M. TeKronyUniversity of Kentucky, Lexington, KYSeed Vigor, Development, Maturation
Dr. Costas A. ThanosUniversity of Athens, Athens, GreecePlant Photobiology, Phytochrome, Seed Physiology, Seed Technology, Ecophysiology, Germination, Post-Fire Regen eration
Dr. Kenneth ThompsonThe University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UKSeed Soil Banks
Dr. Leigh E. TowillNational Seed Storage Laboratory, Ft. Collins, COCryopreservation, Clonal Germplasm, Plant Tissue Culture, Seed, Pollen, Vitrification
Dr. Jan H. van den BergNunhems Zaden BV, Haelen, The NetherlandsVegetable Seed, Priming, Seed Cleaning
Dr. Tara T. VanToaiUSDA-ARS Soil Drainage Research, Columbus OhioGene Mapping, DNA Markers, Biotic and Abiotic Stress Tolerance
Dr. Christina WaltersNational Seed Storage Laboratory, Ft. Collins, COSeed Physiology, Desiccation Tolerance, Recalcitrant Seed, Plant Germplasm Preservation
Dr. Xiaofeng WangSouth China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, ChinaRecalcitrant Seed, Cultivar Identification and Purity Testing by Electrophoretic and Molecular Markers
Dr. Stanislaw WeidnerUniversity of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, PolandSeed Biology, Cereal Grains, Dormancy, Germination, Phenolic Acids, Cytoskeleton-bound Polysomes, Translation
Dr. Gregory E. WelbaumVirginia Polytechnic Insitute and State University, Blacksburg, VASeed Development, Physiology, Priming
Dr. Ermias K. WeldeghiorghisSeed Science Laboratory, The University of Reading, UKOrobanche, Germination, Modelling, Parasitic Weeds
Dr. Loren E. WiesnerNational Seed Storage Laboratory, Ft. Collins, COSeed Germination, Storage


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