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The collection at the NGR-Miami consists of major fruit crops such as, Mango, Avocado, Citrus, Annona, and some relatively minor tropical crops, but also ornamentals. Each linked image collection below will open in a new window. (Your browser must support frames to view them.) To get back to this page, simply close the new window. This page, and its linked pages, are a work in progress. New images are added frequently.

Fruit Crops Collections

Avocado Collection
Mango Collection
Cacao Collection
Lychee Collection
Banana & Plantain Collection
Sugarcane & Related Grasses Collection

Tripsacum Collection
Citrus Relatives Collection
Annona Collection
Palm Collection

Ornamentals Collections (by Family)

Amaryllidaceae Collection
Anacardiaceae Collection
Annonaceae Collection
Apocynaceae Collection
Asclepiadaceae Collection
Bignoniaceae Collection
Bombacaceae Collection
Cactaceae Collection
Capparidaceae Collection
Combretaceae Collection
Ebenaceae Collection
Euphorbiaceae Collection
Gesneriaceae Collection
Guttiferae Collection
Labiatae Collection

Leguminosae Collection
Loganiaceae Collection
Lythraceae Collection
Malvaceae Collection
Moraceae Collection
Myrtaceae Collection
Orchidaceae Collection
Polygalaceae Collection
Rubiaceae Collection
Sapotaceae Collection
Sonneratiaceae Collection
Sterculiaceae Collection (see Malvaceae)
Tiliaceae Collection
Zingiberaceae Collection

Field Views

Ornamental Collection in S1-3
Ornamental Collection in S1-5
Ornamental Collection in S1-6
Ornamental Collection in W1-4
Mango Collection in N2-1
Palm Collection

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