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Collection Information - Help and Faqs

How do I find out what the NPGS has?

There are over 2,000 genera, 12,000 species and 480,000 accessions in the NPGS. To find out how many species, genera and accessions the NPGS has,

(1) Click on Diversity of Species to take you to:, or

(2) Click on Summary Statistics to take you to: where you can, ·

  • Browse through some of the main crops
  • Browse through the genera alphabetically, letter by letter
  • Browse through the country list, alphabetically, letter by letter.

The list of species, genera and accessions is too large for us to produce a complete list for you.

How do I find the NPGS site that holds the germplasm collection I am interested in using or how do I find out who curates the collection?

There are several ways to find out which NPGS site holds the germplasm, and to find out who curates the collection. I'll give you two ways of finding it:

1. The first way is to begin a taxonomic search:

2. The second way is to start with the Collections page:

How do I find out what collections are held at a given NPGS site?

This FAQ list has not answered my question. Contact the crop specific curator for help or contact the DBMU. If your question could help others, we'll add it to the list.


Are the images of the accessions copyrighted?

  • The images of the plants in the NPGS are in the public domain. We only ask that you credit the ARS.

Updated 21-May-2009
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