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Accession Area Queries

There are more than 500,000 accessions (distinct varieties of plants) in the GRIN database. These accessions represent more than 10,000 species of plants. See the Helps and Hints page if you are having trouble getting your results.

Text search query

Standard text search engine query of all the fields of the accession.

Include historical and unavailable accessions in the text query search.

Simple queries

Use this option for a quick look-up of a cultivar name, PI number, collector number or other identifier. Append the '*' character for a wildcard search (e.g. Red* for all cultivars beginning with Red). You can also add a genus name to your wildcard searches to further refine the results (e.g. Red*::triticum)

Accession identifier:

Include historical and unavailable accessions in the simple query search.

Advanced queries

Use this option to restrict the query by more than one criterion.

Accession identifier(s):

Individual PI identifier or range of identifiers:
PI to PI (e.g., 500000 to 500010)
Non-PI identifier or range of identifiers:
to (e.g., NSGC 4000 to 4015)
or choose other criteria.

Other identifiers and names:

Other type of identifier:
Pedigree contains:
or choose other criteria.


To limit your search, enter information into one of the fields below:
Taxon: (e.g., Zea or Zea mays)
Family: (e.g., Poaceae)
Common name: (e.g., Peanut)
or choose other criteria.


(Please use full state name)

Additional Criteria:

Choose a repository to limit your request to:
Choose a type of Improvement Status:
Choose a type of Reproductive uniformity:
Check one to limit your selection(s).
Any time
Last 3 months
Last 6 months
Current year
Previous year(s)
Specific year, enter year: (e.g., 1965)
Check the box to sort accessions by scientific name and plant name (cultivar, donor identifier, etc.) instead of by accession identifier.
Taxonomic sort.
Include historical and unavailable accessions in the search.

Choose the number of hits to select:
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Updated 17-Apr-2012
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