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Tabebuia aurea (Silva Manso) Benth. & Hook. f. ex S. Moore

SYNONYM(S) : Tabebuia argentea (Bureau & K. Schum.) Britton, Tabebuia aurea (Silva Manso) S. Moore, Tabebuia caraiba (Mart.) Bureau , Tecoma argentea Bureau & K. Schum., Tecoma caraiba Mart.

DANISH : Trompettrae.

ENGLISH : Paraguyan trumpet tree, Silver trumpet tree, Tree of gold.

PORTUGUESE : Ipê amarelo (Brazil), Ipê-amarelo-do-cerrado (as T. caraiba), Caraibeira (as T. caraiba), Caroba-do-campo (as T. caraiba), Craibeira (as T. caraiba).

SWEDISH : Trumpetträd.

Tabebuia avellanedae Lorentz ex Griseb. -> Tabebuia impetiginosa (Mart. ex DC.) Standl.

Tabebuia billbergii (Bureau & K.Schum.) Standl.

DANISH : Trompettrae.

SPANISH : Curarira (Venezuela), Pui.

SWEDISH : Trumpetträd.

Tabebuia billbergii (Bureau & K.Schum.) Standl. subsp. ampla A. H. Gentry

SYNONYM(S) : Tabebuia ecuadorensis Standl.

SPANISH : Guayacán.

Tabebuia billbergii (Bureau & K.Schum.) Standl. subsp. billbergii

SPANISH : Curarira (Venezuela), Pui (Venezuela), Puy (Venezuela).

Tabebuia cassinoides (Lam.) DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia cassinoides Lamarck, Bignonia uliginosa Gomes, Spathodea magnolioides Chamisso, Tabebuia cassinoides (Lamarck) A. P. de Candolle, Tabebuia uliginosa (Gomes) A.P. de Candolle, Tecoma uliginosa Mart. ex A.P. de Candolle

PORTUGUESE : Caixeta, Pau de tamanco (Brazil).

Tabebuia chrysantha (Jacq.) G. Nicholson

SPANISH : Amapa (Mexico), Amapa amarilla (Mexico), Amapa prieta (Mexico), Apamate, Araguaney (Venezuela), Araguaney puy (Venezuela), Cañaguate (Colombia), Chicalá (Colombia), Contoz (Costa Rica), Cortes, Cortés (Costa Rica, Honduras), Cortez (El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua), Cortez coyote (El Salvador), Cortez negro (El Salvador), Cortez prieto (El Salvador), Corteza (Costa Rica), Corteza amarilla (Costa Rica), Flora amarilla (Venezuela), Guayacan (Costa Rica), Guayacán (Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela), Guayacán amarillo, Guayacán con flor amarillo (Colombia), Guayacán pechiche (Ecuador), Guayacán polvillo (Colombia), Hahauche (Guatemala), Lombricillo (Mexico), Lotcui (Mexico), Madera negra (Ecuador), Masicaran (Guatemala), matilisguate (Guatemala), Polvilli (Colombia), Polvillo (Colombia), Quebracho (Guatemala), Roble (Mexico), Tajibo amarillo (Bolivia), Verdecillo (Mexico), Verdicello (Mexico).

THAI : Lueang india.


The above names are probably interchangeable with those of the subsp. chrysantha below.

Tabebuia chrysantha (Jacq.) G.Nicholson subsp. chrysantha

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia chrysantha Jacq., Tabebuia rufescens J. R. Johnst., Tecoma chrysantha (Jacq.) A. DC., Tecoma evenia Donn. Sm. p.p., Tecoma palmeri Kraenzl.

ENGLISH : Yellow poui (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago).

SPANISH : Amapa amarilla (Mexico), Guayacán, Cortes amarillo (Costa Rica), Cortés amarillo (Honduras), Corteza amarilla (Costa Rica), Flora amarilla (Venezuela), Guayacán amarillo, Guayacán con flor amarillo (Colombia), Tajibo amarillo (Bolivia).


The above names are probably interchangeable with those of the species above.

Tabebuia chrysantha (Jacq.) Nicolson subsp. meridionalis A. H. Gentry

SYNONYM(S) : Tabebuia spectabilis (Planch. & Linden) G. Nicholson

Tabebuia chrysotricha (Mart. ex DC.) Standl.

SYNONYM(S) : Tecoma chrysotricha Mart. ex DC., Tecoma flavescens Mart. ex A.P. de Candolle

CHINESE : Awaiting feedback.

DANISH : Trompettrae.

ENGLISH : Golden trumpet tree.

PORTUGUESE : Aipe, Ipê amarelo, Ipê amarelo do cerrado, Ipê do morro, Ipê tabaco (Brazil), Pau d'arco amarelo, Pau mulato.

SWEDISH : Trumpetträd.

Tabebuia cristata A. Gentry

PORTUGUESE : Ipê amarelo (Brazil).

Tabebuia donnell-smithii Rose

SYNONYM(S) : Cybistax donnell-smithii (Rose) Seibert, Roseodendron donnell-smithii (Rose) Miranda

ENGLISH : White-mahogany.

SPANISH : Primavera.

Tabebuia guayacan (Seem.) Hemsl.

SYNONYM(S) : Tecoma guayacan Seem.

SPANISH : Guayacán .

Tabebuia heptaphylla (Vellozo) Toledo

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia heptaphylla Vell., Tabebuia ipe (Mart. ex K. Schumann) Standl. , Tecoma heptaphylla Mart., Tecoma ipe Mart. ex K. Schumann

PORTUGUESE : Ipê cabroe (Brazil), Ipê roxo (Brazil), Pau-d'arco-roxo (Brazil).

SPANISH : Lapacho negro.

Tabebuia heterophylla (DC.) Britton

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia leucoxylon L. , Bignonia pentaphylla L., nom. illeg. , Leucoxylon riparia Raf. , Raputia heterophylla DC., Tabebuia pentaphylla Hemsl., Tabebuia riparia (Raf.) Sandwith, Tabebuia triphylla DC. , Tecoma leucoxylon (L.) Mart. ex DC. , Tecoma pentaphylla Juss. ex DC.

DANISH : Trompettrae.

ENGLISH : Pink manjack, Pink trumpet-tree, White-cedar, Whitewood.

PORTUGUESE : Ipê rosa (Brazil), Pau d'arco branco.

SPANISH : Roble blanco.

SWEDISH : Trumpetträd.

Tabebuia impetiginosa (Mart. ex DC.) Standl.

SYNONYM(S) : Tabebuia avellanedae Lorentz ex Griseb. , Tabebuia dugandii Standl., Tabebuia ipe Standl. var. integra (Sprague) Sandwith, Tabebuia nicaraguensis S.F.Blake, Tabebuia palmeri Rose , Tabebuia schunkevigoi D.R.Simpson, Tecoma adenophylla Bureau & K.Schum., Tecoma avellanedae (Lorentz ex Griseb.) Speg., Tecoma impetiginosa Mart., Tecoma impetiginosa Mart. ex DC., Tecoma impetiginosa Mart. ex A. DC., Tecoma impetiginosa Mart. var. lepidota Bureau, Tecoma integra (Sprague) Chodat, Tecoma ipe Standl. var. integra Sprague, Tecoma ipe Standl. var. integrifolia Hassl.

DANISH : Trompettrae.

ENGLISH : Palmer trumpet-tree, Pau d'arco, Taheebo.

FRENCH : Tabébuia de Palmer, Pau d'Arco.

PORTUGUESE : Ipê-de-minas (Brazil), Ipê preto (Brazil), Ipê rosa (Brazil), Ipê roxo (as T. avellanedae), Ipê roxo da mata (as T. avellanedae), Ipé-roxo-de-bola, Ipé-roxo-do-grande, Ipê-una, Ipe-ura, Lapacho, Pão d'arco, Pao-d'arco-rosa, Pâo-d'arco-roxo, Pau-cachorro (Brazil), Pau-d'arco-roxo (Brazil), Piúna, Piúna-roxa (Brazil).

SPANISH : Amapa colorada (Mexico), Amapa prieta (Mexico), Amapa rosa (Mexico), Araguaney poi (Venezuela), Araguaney pui (Venezuela), Canafistula (Mexico), Canafistula bofa (Mexico), Canafistula cimarrona (Mexico), Cañaguate morado (Colombia), Cortés negro (Costa Rica, Honduras), Cortez colorado (Guatemala), Cortez negro (El Salvador), Guayacán (Peru), Ipe (Costa Rica), Lapacho (Argentina, Costa Rica, Paraguay), Lapacho rosado (Argentina, Paraguay), Macuelizo (Honduras), Macuil, Palo de cortez (Mexico), Palo de rosa (Mexico), Polvillo (Colombia, Venezuela), Roble (Mexico), Roble cinero (Mexico), Roble morado (Colombia), Roble serrano (Mexico), Rosa morada (Mexico), Tajibo morado (Bolivia), Tujibo (Bolivia).

SWEDISH : Trumpetträd.

Tabebuia lapacho (K. Schum.) Sandwith

FRENCH : Lapacho.

SPANISH : Lapacho.

Tabebuia obtusifolia (Cham.) Bureau

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia leucoxyla Vell. , Spathodea obtusifolia Cham., Tabebuia leucoxyla DC.

DANISH : Trompettrae.

ENGLISH : Guadeloupe trumpet-tree (as T. leucoxyla)

FRENCH : Tabébuia de Guadeloupe (as T. leucoxyla), Bois d'ébène de Cayenne (as T. leucoxyla).

SWEDISH : Trumpetträd.

Tabebuia pallida (Lindl.) Miers

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia pallida Lindl.

DANISH : Trompettrae.

ENGLISH : Cuban pink trumpet tree, White cedar, Whitewood.

SWEDISH : Trumpetträd.

THAI : Wai sida.

Tabebuia pentaphylla Hemsl. -> Tabebuia heterophylla (DC.) Britton

Tabebuia rosea (Bertol.) DC.

SYNONYM(S) : Tabebuia pentaphylla auct., non Hemsl., Tecoma rosea Bertol.

DANISH : Trompettrae.

ENGLISH : Mayflower (Belize), Pink poui (Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago), Pink trumpet-tree, Rosy trumpet-tree.

FRENCH : Tabébuia rose.

PORTUGUESE : Ipê rosa (Brazil).

SPANISH : Amapa rosa (Mexico), Amapola (Mexico), Apamate (Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Venezuela), Apamate uorumo (Venezuela), Cachahua (Mexico), Guayacán (Costa Rica), Guayacán de flor rosada, Guayacán flor rosao, Guayacán lila o morao (Colombia), Guayacán rosado (Honduras), Guayacán rosao (Colombia), Palo blanco (Mexico), Palo de rosa (Mexico), Palo yugo (Mexico), Roble (Belize, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama), Roble blanco (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico), Roble de rió (Colombia), Roble de sabana (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama), Roble de San Luis (Mexico), Roble de yugo (Cuba), Roble macuelizo (Nicaragua), Roble morado (Colombia, Peru), Roble negro (Venezuela), Roble prieto (Mexico), Roble sabana (Costa Rica, Nicaragua), Roble sabanero (Colombia, Nicaragua), Roble venezolano (Nicaragua), Rosa morada (Mexico), Rosado (Honduras).

SWEDISH : Trumpetträd.

THAI : Chompu india, Chompu phanthip.

Tabebuia roseo-alba (Ridl.) Sandw.

PORTUGUESE : Ipê branco , Ipê-do-cerrado (Brazil), Ipê preto (Brazil), Pau-d'arco (Brazil).

Tabebuia serratifolia (Vahl.) G. Nicholson

SYNONYM(S) : Bignonia serratifolia Vahl., Tecoma serratifolia (Vahl.) G. Don

PORTUGUESE : Ipê amarelo da mata, Ipê do campo, Ipê ovo de macuco, , Ipê-pardo, Ipeuva (Brazil) , Pau-d'arco-amarelo (Brazil) , Piúva-amarela (Brazil).

Tabebuia umbellata (Sonder) Sandwith

SYNONYM(S) : Tecoma umbellata Sonder

PORTUGUESE : Ipê amarelo, Ipê amarelo da vargem, Ipê da vargem, Ipê da varzea (Brazil).



A special note on this genus is warranted given the reputation of "pau d'arco" in the old American countries and the growing interest in the western world for this drug in relation to cancer treatment, among many other health related benefits.

We do not know if this reputation is merited, we leave that judgement to those who have benefited from this plant and eventually to the medical experts. We simply wish to draw the attention to the myriads of unreliable common names and call for a selection of such names, especially when they are used in the medical context. The most utilised term in so called "alternative medicine" circles is "pau d'arco", a very common Brazilian name of the bark of some species of Tabebuia (perhaps all of them). We have attempted to list above all the matching botanical names that we have come across in order to demonstrate how unreliable such terms can be botanically. If they are unreliable to botanists presumably they are so to medical practitioners as well, and even more so to people whose language is neither Portuguese nor Spanish.

Many more names (hundreds) can be found at :

Base de Dados CNIP < >.

START at : < >.

We would welcome any information that would help us narrowing down the specific names for true pau d'arco.



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