Sorting Capsicum frutescens names

Capsicum frutescens L.

SYNONYM(S) : Capsicum fastigiatum, Capsicum minimum Roxb., Capsicum minimum Blanco, nom.illeg.

AFRIKAANS : Brand rissie.

ARABIC : Dâr fulful, Dar feller (Yemen), Filfil har (Irak) , Filfull harr (Lebanese), Filfilianhar, Felfel (Egypt).

ASSAMI : Jolokia.

AYMARA : Huayca.

BENGALI : Laka, Lanka marich, Morich, Lal marich.

BURMESE : Nga yut thee, Nil thee.

CHINESE : La jiao, Mi jiao, Ye la zi, Ye jiao zi.

CROATIAN : Paprika ljuta.

DANISH : Spanskpeber.

DUTCH : Spaanse peper.

ENGLISH : Bird pepper, Chili pepper, Goat pepper, Hot chili, Pungent pepper, Spur pepper, Chilli, Bird's-eye chilli, Cayenne pepper (ingredient - dried powder).

FINNISH : Chilipippuri.

FRENCH : Piment des oiseaux, Piment enragé.

GERMAN : Ziegenpfeffer, Vogelpfeffer, Roter Pfeffer, Chili Pfeffer.

GREEK : Kafstiki pipera (Cyprus).

GUJARATI : Marchu, Mirch, Mirchi.

HEBREW : Adom, Pilpel harif.

HINDI : Mirch, Lal mirch, Lalmirchi, Lankamirchi.

ITALIAN : Peperone acre, Peperone d'India, Peperone rabbioso, Pepe d'ucello, Pepe rosso picante, Peperoncino, Diavoletto, Pepperoncini (group name for all small peppers).

JAPANESE : Kidachi tougarashi.

KANNADA : Menshinkai, Menasina kayi, Menasina kai, Menashina kayi.

LAOTIAN : Mak phe kunsi.

MALAY (Indonesia) : Lombok cabai, Cabai merah, Cabai rawit.

MALAY (Malaysia) : Cili padi, Lada merah, Lada mira.

MALAYALAM : Mulagu, Mologu, Kapu mologu, Kappalmelaka.

NEPALI : Ratô khursani.

PERSIAN : Felfel.

PORTUGUESE : Pimentão (Brazil).

PUNJABI : Lal mircha.

ROMANIAN : Ardei iute.

RUSSIAN : Struchkovy pyerets.

SINHALESE : Gas miris, Rathu miris.

SLOVENIAN : Ostra paprika.

SPANISH : Ají, Chile, Guindilla, Pimienta picante.

SWAHILI : Pilipili, Piri piri, Peri peri.

SWEDISH : Chilipeppar, Spansk peppar.

TAGALOG : Sili, Sili pula, Siling labyo, Siling labuyo .

TAMIL : Mulagu .

TELUGU : Mirapakaya, Merapu kai .

THAI : Phrik kheenuu, Prik khee , Phrik kee fa , Phrik kee , Prik kee fah , Phrik kee nu, Phrik chee faa .

TURKISH : Dar biber.

URDU : Lal mirch, Lalmarach, Hari mirch, Gach mirch.


Picture of typical fruit (from the Botanical Garden of Nijmegen 's Image Gallery)

Picture of fruit variations (from Texas AM Bioinformatics Working Group's Vascular Plant Image Gallery , a picture that will challenge people tempted to identify peppers by the shape of their fruits.

Capsicum frutescens L. cv. 'Malagueta'

Capsicum frutescens L. cv. 'Tabasco' -> Capsicum frutescens L. var. tabasco

Capsicum frutescens L. var. abbreviatum Bailey

ENGLISH : Hot short pepper.

Picture (from the Botanical Garden of Nijmegen 's Image Gallery)

Capsicum frutescens L. var. acuminatum Bailey -> Capsicum annuum L. var. parvo-acuminatum Makino ?

Capsicum frutescens L. var. baccatum (L.) Irish

SYNONYM(S) : Capsicum baccatum L. var. baccatum

CHINESE : Wu se la jiao.

ENGLISH : Peruvian pepper, Bird pepper, Hot cherry pepper.

FRENCH : Piment ornemental du Pérou.

Capsicum frutescens L. var. cerasiforme Bailey

ENGLISH : Hot cherry pepper.

Capsicum frutescens L. var. conoides Bailey

SYNONYM(S) : Capsicum conoides Roem. & Schult.

CHINESE : La jiao, Zhi tian jiao, Chao tian jiao, Chao tian la jiao, Chang bing jiao, Yuan zhui la jiao.

ENGLISH : Hot cone pepper, Hot bullet pepper, Cayenne pepper (ingredient - dried powder).

NEPALESE : Cucce khursaanii.


Capsicum frutescens L. var. fasciculatum L. H. Bailey

SYNONYM(S) : Capsicum fasciculatum Bailey, Capsicum annuum L. var. annuum ( Fasciculatum Group), Capsicum annuum L. var. fasciculatum (Sturt.) Irish.

CHINESE : Chao tian fan jiao, Cu sheng jiao, Cu sheng la jiao.

ENGLISH : Cluster pepper, Red cluster pepper, Cayenne pepper (ingredient - dried powder).

JAPANESE : Yatsubusa, Santaka.


Capsicum frutescens L. var. grossum Bailey, nom. illeg. -> Capsicum annuum L. var. grossum (L.) Sendt.

Capsicum frutescens L. var. longum L. H. Bailey , nom. illeg. -> Capsicum annuum L. var. longum Bailey

Capsicum frutescens L. var. microcarpum (DC.) Bailey -> Capsicum baccatum L. var. microcarpum (DC.) Hassl.

Capsicum frutescens L. var. tabasco

SYNONYM(S) : Capsicum frutescens L. ('Tabasco Group), Capsicum frutescens L. cv. 'Tabasco'.

CHINESE : La jiao you.

ENGLISH : Tabasco pepper.




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General Bibliography Thousands of names can be found in hundreds of books. This is only a selection.



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Jeffrey Friedl ( 1994 - 1998, Kanji Lookup An extremely useful resource not limited to Japanese but relevant to Chinese and Korean languages.

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Remaining questions

1. No doubt some of the synonyms are under the wrong botanical names which ones ?

2. Where would you place the following names and groups of names, under which botanical names ? What are the correct transliterations / romanisations ?

Apple chile, Bzefilie peper (Dutch), Chamburoto, Chile manzana , Chile japonés, Datil pepper, Filziger Paprika, Guindilla, Locoto, Piri-piri pepper, Ulupica, Siete caldos, Nayu si (Burmese), Na yop (Burmese), Lilun marchu (Gujarati-India), Mirsinga (Marathi-India), Pilpel (Hebrew), Pilpelet hagina (Hebrew), Turkinpippuri (Finnish), Pimentón (Spanish).

Guinea pepper (English), Poivre de Guinée (French), Guineapfeffer (German), Pepe di Guinea (Italian)

Peperone d'India (Italian), Hind biberi (Turkish ?)

Felfel roomy / Fulful rûmî (Arabic), Filfile súrkh (Persian), Fulful ahhmar / Filfile ahmur, Filfilianhar, Filfil achdar (Arabic - Egypt)

Phrik chee faa (Thai), Phrik wan(Thai), Pulang sili (Tagalog), Pa sitis (Tagalog), Lada mira (Malay), Tabia (Bali)

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