Development of a Novel Trapping System for Fruit Flies
Docket Number: 23193
Serial Number: 8231213

The invention consists of a dry insect trap for capturing male and female frugivorous pest insects for detecting, monitoring and/or controlling.

Inventors: Robert R. Heath, Nancy D. Epsky

A Novel Trapping System for Mediterranean Fruit Flies
Patent Number: 5766617
Docket Number: 23596
Serial Number: 8702371
Date Patented: 06/16/1998

Date Issued: June 16, 1998

The invention is food-based attractants for the Mediterranean and Mexican fruit flies. The attractants are used in a trapping system for detection, population density estimation and control. The invention is superior to current trimedlure-baited Jackson traps. It attracts both male and female flies and does not attract as many non-targeted insects so that less time is required to sort among trapped insects. The chemical attractant includes effective amounts of ammonium acetate, or ammonia and acetic acid, and putrescine (1,4-diaminobutane). It further includes a tri-substituted ammonia, a synergist, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the bait.

Inventors: Robert R. Heath, Nancy D. Epsky

Attractants for Frugivorous Pest Insects Including Vapor Blends Containing A 3-Alkyli-1Butano
Patent Number: 6224890
Docket Number: 19098
Serial Number: 9156625
Date Patented: 05/01/2001

Technology Description:
The invention is a system that attracts a variety of fruit flies that economically affect fruit and vegetable production and export to detect and monitor infestation levels. The invention can be used to assist regulatory agents in detecting newly introduced species of fruit flies. The invention incorporates a unique chemical attractant, without using liquid protein solutions. These chemical combinations emit vapor blends that are highly attractive to Anastrepha species, particularly A. ludens and A. suspensa. The compounds used for producing vapor compositions in the invention are commercially available.

Reference: Patent Number 6,224,890, which issued May 1, 2001.
Inventors: Robert R. Heath, Nancy D. Epsky

Release Rate Modulator and Method for Producing and Using Same

Patent Number: 6109537
Docket Number: 10695
Serial Number: 9252945
Date Patented: 08/29/2000

Date Issued: August 29, 2000

The invention relates to an apparatus and methods for controlling the rate of release of a substance through a membrane-based formulation system at substantially constant rates over long periods of time. The release rate modulator is formed from perforated polypropylene. The modulator improves the duration of substance release and provides a more constant release of the substance. The invention can be used in agriculture, restaurants, hospitals and other daily life, as well as commercial applications for controlled release of chemical substance such as odors, fragrances, perfumes, and semiochemicals.

Inventor: Robert R. Heath


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