Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases

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November 5, 2015 Update: A likely new host site for the database has been identified. We will provide more details when the arrangement is finalized. We appreciate all the comments and offers from individuals and organizations who contacted us.

Notification regarding availability of the Phytochemical Database: This database has been hosted for many years by the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of USDA. Dr. Jim Duke was an ARS scientist whose research included information presented in this database. Dr. Duke has been retired since 1995. The ARS system that has hosted the Phytochemical Database will soon be migrating to a new platform. We will no longer host the Phytochemical Database and it will cease to be publicly available as of approximately December 1, 2015. If any private organization is interested in hosting the database, discussions can be initiated with ARS about the possibilities of such a transfer. The database is Oracle 10G and contains 15 tables and approximately 400,000 rows. The website is currently presented using Perl and Oracle XSQL Servlet, and typically receives several hundred unique visits per day. Proficiency with these systems or the expertise to upgrade the application is essential for hosting it. Interested organizations may contact Dr. Jim Duke at jimduke13@verizon.net and Dr. Gary Kinard at gary.kinard@ars.usda.gov


Specific Queries of the Phytochemical Database

[Queries indicated in green are newer queries that search the most recent version of the database.
Note: These queries require the use of port 8080. Many firewalls are set to block this port, if you have trouble accessing these queries check your firewall.

Plant Searches

Chemicals and activities in a particular plant.
High concentration chemicals.
Chemicals with one activity.
Ethnobotanical uses.
List chemicals and activities for a plant.

Chemical Searches

Plants with a chosen chemical.
Activities of a chosen chemical.
List activities and plants for a chemical.
List common activities (synergies) for a list of chemicals.

Activity Searches

Plants with a specific activity.
Search for plants with several activities.
Chemicals with a specific activity.
Lethal dose (LD) information for a chemical.
Search for plants/chemicals with one or more activities.
Search for plants/chemicals with a superactivity.

Ethnobotany Searches

Ethnobotanical uses for a particular plant.
Plants with a particular ethnobotanical use.

Database References

Reference citations.

Other Databases of Interest

Taxonomic Databases

USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)

Nutritional Databases

USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center

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