Tree Fruit Pathogen Collections
Maintained at NCGR-Corvallis

Corylus Apple Mosaic Ilarvirus 3+
Corylus Hazelnut Stunt ?Phytoplasma 1
Malus Apple Blister Bark 1
Malus Apple Chlorotic Leafspot Trichovirus 2
Malus Apple Flat Limb 1
Malus Apple Mosaic Ilarirus 2
Malus Apple Rubbery Wood 4
Malus Apple Stem Grooving Capillovirus 4
Malus Apple Stem Pitting Virus 8
Malus Apple Swollen Limb 1
Malus Apple Swollen Stem (twisted twig) 1
Malus Cherry Rasp Leaf Nepovirus (Flat Apple) 1
Malus Genetic Variegation (non-chlorophyll mutant) 1
Mespilus Apple Chlorotic Leafspot Trichovirus 1
Pyrus Apple Stem Grooving Capillovirus 3+
Pyrus Bark Disorders 2
Pyrus Blister Canker 3
Pyrus Concentric Fruit Ringpattern 1
Pyrus Hardy Fruit Ring 1
Pyrus Pear Blister Canker Viroid 2
Pyrus Pear Decline Phytoplasma 1
Pyrus Pear Ringpattern Mosaic Virus (ACLSV) 4+
Pyrus Pear Vein Yellows Virus 3+
Pyrus Rough Bark 1
Pyrus Seedborne Vein Yellows 3
Pyrus Stony Pit ?Virus 8
Sorbus Chlorotic Leafspot ?Virus 2

(+) indicates additional infected plants in clonal germplasm collection

The presence and identities of some pathogens obtained from other research collections has not been confirmed.

Virus names have been made consistent with:
Plant Viruses Online - Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database
Version: 16th January 1997
Editors: Alan A. Brunt, Karen Crabtree, Michael J. Dallwitz, Adrian J. Gibbs, Leslie Watson and Eric J.Zurcher