'Le Nain Vert' dix ans plus tard
(ten years later)

Both Chip and the genetic dwarf pear tree 'Le Nain Vert' (meaning the green dwarf) were in their fifth year when the first photo was taken in 1987. This very small statured fruit tree has normal size fruit, but the internodes are very short, resulting in a tree that never exceeds about a meter in height. In the second photo, the same Chip is shown standing next to the same tree ten years later. At age 15, boy is much taller than tree!

In 'The Pears of New York' (1921), U. P. Hedrick provides the following description of Le Nain Vert:

"This strange variety was obtained from seed by M. de Nerbonne, in the commune of Huille (Maine-et-Loire), France, and first fruited in 1839. The tree forms a bush between 3 and 4 feet high; it is remarkable for its dwarf habit, and its erect, thick, fleshy branches. Fruit medium and sometimes larger, globular, irregular, but variable in form; skin thin, slightly rough, yellowish-green, uniformly covered with large gray-russet dots; flesh white, semi-fine and semi-melting, rather dry; juice de ficient, sugary, sweet, almost without perfume; third; October."

Le Nain Vert is available from the repository as accession PI 322035.

J. Postman and K. Hummer, July 1997