Medlar Tart

Recipe and Engraving from 1653

To Make a Tart of Medlers. Take Medlers that be rotten (bletted), and stamp them (smash them), and set them upon a chafin-dish with coales (heat over the fire), and beat two yolks of Eggs, boyling till it be somewhat thick, then season it with Sugar, Cinamon, and Ginger, and lay it in paste (pour into the crust).

Engraving from 'A Book of Fruits & Flowers. Shewing The Nature and Use of them, either for Meat or Medicine.' 1653 - as reproduced in 'Pomona's Harvest, An Illustrated Chronicle of Antiquarian Fruit Literature' by H. Frederic Janson, 1996.

Rebecca's Modern Adaptation - Medlar Pie
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January 2003, J. Postman

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