History of Fruit Growing in the Pacific Northwest
Felix Gillet

Felix Gillet established one of the first fruit nurseries on the west coast of the United States in 1871, in Nevada City, California (about 50 miles northeast of Sacramento). Gillet is credited with providing the nursery stock that established the hazelnut industry in the Northwest. His stock was primarily introduced from European sources.

More about Felix Gillet from the American Seed and Nursery Industry

Felix Gillet

Gillet's "Descriptive Catalogue and Price List of Plants and Trees" from 1880 included the following tree fruit and nut cultivars:


  • Duchesse (Paper Shell)


  • Fenouillet Gris
  • Gros (Large Api)
  • Golden Reinette
  • Ignonette
  • Lady Apple
  • Red Calville
  • Reinette Grise


  • Early Gros Rouge
  • Late Beauge


  • Guigne Marbree
  • Bigarreau Grosse de Mezel
  • Glossy Black
  • Black Tartarian
  • Napoleon Bigarreau (Royal Ann)
  • Elton's Yellow

(recently imported not available this season: Royal Early, Montmorency, Late Purple, Guigne, Queen Horteuse (Wonder of Holland), Early Black Guigne)


  • Marron de Lyon - from France
  • Marron Combale - from France
  • American Chestnut

Filbert (Hazelnut)

  • Red Aveline
  • White Aveline
  • Grosse of Piedmont
  • Sicily


  • Monstrueuse


  • Noir of Spain (Everbearing Black Mulberry)

Peach (all from France)

  • Grosse Mignonne
  • Early Purple
  • Nivette
  • Pavie de Pomponne
  • Red Madeleine


  • Duchesse d'Angouleme
  • Beurre Clairgeau
  • Doyenne d'Hiver (Easter Beurre)
  • Passe Crassane
  • Bergamotte
  • Royale d'Hiver
  • Winter Nelis

(recently imported, few trees available this season: Blanquet le Gros, Martin Sec (Winter Rousselette), Catillac, Passe Colmar, Bergamotte Esperen, Beurre Goubaut, Colmar d'Aremberg, Doyenne d'Alencon)



  • White Green Gage
  • Blue Green Gage
  • D'Oulin's Green Gage
  • Duane's Purple
  • Damson
  • German Prune

(recently imported not available this season: Royale de Tours, Mirabelle La Grosse, Monsieur, Early Yellow, Prune d'Agen)


  • Præparturiens (Fertile) - introduced 1871
  • Late Walnut (Serotina)
  • After Saint John Walnut (de la St. Jean)
Joseph Postman
National Clonal Germplasm Repository - Corvallis
16 December 2002