Variegated Strawberry
Fragaria x ananassa Duchesne

This is a plant with an attitude! The bichromatic vegetation of this strawberry has panache! ('Panache', of course, means 'variegated' or 'striped' in French.) This clone was collected from a garden in Malmo, Sweden. The Repository received the plant in October, 1990, and it is cataloged in the GRIN database under PI 552292.

Although variegated leaves occur now and then on seedlings of the diploid European wood strawberry, Fragaria vesca L., this phenomenon is uncommon in the oct oploid F. x ananassa. The Variegated Strawberry has low fruit productivity, but runners profusely. We have planted this clone as a demonstration ground cover in front of the Repository main entrance. Come see it!

Kim E. Hummer and Joseph D. Postman, 1 February 1996