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Taxon: Rosa ×damascena Herrm.

Genus: Rosa
Family: Rosaceae subfamily: Rosoideae tribe: Roseae
Nomen number: 5328
Place of publication: De Rosa 14. 1762 (P. Miller, Gard. dict. ed. 8: Rosa no. 15. 1768)
  • = R. gallica × R. moschata
  • valid publication by Herrmann verified from original literature
  • it is not certain at this time whether or not Herrmann's and Miller's usage of this name are the same
Name verified on: 15-Feb-1996 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 10-Feb-2014
Species priority site is: National Arboretum (NA).


Common names:

  • damask rose   (Source: World Econ Pl ) – English
  • four-seasons rose   (Source: Dict Gard ) – English
  • Portland rose   (Source: Dict Gard ) – English
  • York-and-Lancaster rose   (Source: Hortus 3 ) – English
  • damast roos   (Source: Ency Herbs ) – Dutch
  • rosier de Damas   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – French
  • Damaszener Rose   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – German
  • Portland-Rose   (Source: Zander ed16 ) – German
  • rosa-pálida   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – Portuguese
  • rose-de-Damasco   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – Portuguese
  • rosa damascena   (Source: Ency Herbs ) – Spanish

Economic importance:

Distributional range:

  • only cultivated


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  • Encke, F. et al. 1984. Zander: Handwörterbuch der Pflanzennamen, 13. Auflage. [lists as R. ×damascena Mill.; = R. canina × R. phoenicea or R. moschata].
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