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Taxon: Humulus lupulus L. var. lupuloides E. Small

Genus: Humulus
Family: Cannabaceae
Nomen number: 415437
Place of publication: Syst. Bot. 3:63. 1978
Name verified on: 10-Nov-1999 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 14-Jan-2006
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Corvallis (COR).
Accessions: 191 in National Plant Germplasm System.
  • all available ) NPGS accessions. or .
  • all available ) NPGS accessions by country.
  • only available ) NPGS core subset accessions for the crop ‘HOPS’ ) or .
  • Check PlantSearch database of Botanic Gardens Conservation International for possible non-NPGS germplasm.

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Economic importance:

  • Gene sources: crop quality for hop   (fide J Torr BS 128:36. 2001)
  • Gene sources: potential for disease resistance in hop   (fide Smith, M.S. thesis 56. 2005)
  • Gene sources: primary genetic relative of hop   (fide Syst Biol 60:55. 2010)

Distributional range:

      Native: (links to other web resources are provided for some distributions)
  • NORTHERN AMERICA (Check conservation status in U.S. & Canada in NatureServe Explorer database)
    Eastern Canada: Canada - New Brunswick, Newfoundland [s.w.], Nova Scotia, Ontario [s.], Prince Edward Island, Quebec [s.]
    Western Canada: Canada - Alberta [s.], Manitoba [s.], Saskatchewan [s.]
    Northeastern U.S.A.: United States - Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, West Virginia
    North-Central U.S.A.: United States - Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
    Northwestern U.S.A.: United States - Montana
    Southeastern U.S.A.: United States - Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia


  • FNA Editorial Committee. 1993–. Flora of North America.
  • Gleason, H. A. & A. Cronquist. 1991. Manual of vascular plants of northeastern United States and adjacent Canada, ed. 2.
  • Hampton, R. et al. 2001. Habitat and variability of Humulus lupulus var. lupuloides in upper Midwestern North America: a critical source of American hop germplasm. J. Torrey Bot. Soc. 128:35–46.
  • McGregor, R. L. et al. (The Great Plains Flora Association). 1986. Flora of the Great Plains.
  • Reeves, P. A. & C. M. Richards. 2011. Species delimitation under the general lineage concept: an empirical example using wild North American hops (Cannabaceae: Humulus lupulus). Syst. Biol. 60:45–59. [defer judgement on species status until further sampling is done].
  • Smith, J. M. 2005. Powdery mildew (Podosphaera macularis Braun & Takamatsu) resistance in wild hop genetic resources. Unpublished thesis (Oregon State University) 56. [re. disease resistance].
  • Voss, E. 1972–. Michigan flora. [mentions].


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  • Flora of North America: Collaborative Floristic Effort of North American Botanists
  • PLANTS: USDA-NRCS Database of Plants of the United States and its Territories
  • TROPICOS: Nomenclatural and Specimen Database of the Missouri Botanical Garden


  • Google Images Images Note: Be advised that their identity may be inaccurate. Proper identification of a plant may require specialized taxonomic knowledge or comparison with properly documented herbarium material.

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