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Taxon: Rubus hayata-koidzumii Naruh.

Synonym of Rubus pentalobus Hayata

Genus: Rubus subgenus: Chamaebatus
Family: Rosaceae
Nomen number: 318470
Place of publication: J. Phytogeogr. Tax. 32:58. 1984
Name verified on: 03-Nov-2013 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 03-Nov-2013
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Corvallis (COR).

NO ACCESSIONS IN NPGS UNDER THIS NAME. (previously associated with 3 accessions)


  • Encke, F. et al. 1993. Zander: Handwörterbuch der Pflanzennamen, 14. Auflage. [= Rubus calycinoides].
  • Facciola, S. 1990. Cornucopia, a source book of edible plants.
  • Finn, C. et al. 2002. Use of 58 Rubus species in five North American breeding programmes - Breeders news. Acta Hort. 585:113–119.
  • Huang, J.-H. & J.-M. Hu. 2009. Revision of Rubus (Rosaceae) in Taiwan. Taiwania 54:300–301. [this study based on morphology and chromosome number supported the synonymization of Rubus hayata-koidzumii in R. pentalobus; it commented that R. rolfei (2n=42) represents a different taxon].
  • Naruhashi, N. 1984. On the scientific name of Hime-fuyuichigo or Yu-shan raspberry from Taiwan. J. Phytogeogr. Taxon. 32:58.
  • Porcher, M. H. et al. Searchable World Wide Web Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database (MMPND) (on-line resource).
  • Wu Zheng-yi & P. H. Raven et al., eds. 1994–. Flora of China (English edition). [= Rubus rolfei S. Vidal].

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