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Taxon: Carya aquatica (F. Michx.) Elliott

Genus: Carya section: Apocarya
Family: Juglandaceae
Nomen number: 313342
Place of publication: Sketch bot. S. Carolina 2:627. 1824 (T. Nuttall, Gen. N. Amer. pl. 2:222. 1818, nom. nudum)
Comment: Nuttall listed only the epithet, and although he cited "Juglans species, L. Willd." under his genus Carya, this cannot be taken as an indirect reference to J. aquatica F. Michx. that was published after Willdenow
Name verified on: 17-Mar-1988 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 18-Sep-2007
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Brownwood (BRW).
Accessions: 45 in National Plant Germplasm System.

Common names:

  • bitter pecan   (Source: F NAmer ) – English
  • water hickory   (Source: Trees US ) – English
  • Bitter-Pekan   (Source: Zander Ency ) – German
  • Wasser-Hickorynuß   (Source: Zander Ency ) – German

Economic importance:

  • Fuels: charcoal   (fide AH 519)
  • Fuels: fuelwood   (fide AH 519)
  • Gene sources: graft stock relative for pecan   (fide Acta Hort 622:561. 2003)
  • Gene sources: primary genetic relative of pecan   (based on fertile hybrids with Carya illinoinensis fide Brittonia17:99. 1964)
  • Materials: wood   (fide AH 519)

Distributional range:

      Native: (links to other web resources are provided for some distributions)


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