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Taxon: Prunus alleghaniensis Porter

Synonym of Prunus umbellata Elliott

Genus: Prunus subgenus: Prunus section: Prunocerasus
Family: Rosaceae
Nomen number: 29829
Place of publication: Bot. Gaz. 2:85. 1877
Name verified on: 04-May-2011 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 04-May-2011
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Davis (DAV).

NO ACCESSIONS IN NPGS UNDER THIS NAME. (previously associated with 16 accessions)


Species on the following lists:


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  • Bortiri, E. et al. 2006. Phylogenetic analysis of morphology in Prunus reveals extensive homoplasy. Pl. Syst. Evol. 259:53–71. [resolved a subgenus Prunus s.l. including members of Eurasian and North American plums, and apricots].
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  • Okie, W. R. & J. F. Hancock. 2008. Chapter 11. Plums. Pp. 337–357 in: Hancock, J. F., ed., Temperate fruit crop breeding: germplasm to genomics. [this review commented on Prunus angustifolia a member together with P. alleghaniensis of the "Chickasaw clade" (see Shaw & Small, 2005. Amer J Bot 92:2026) used as a gene source for Japanese plum].
  • Prunus Crop Germplasm Committee. 2010. Prunus vulnerability statement - 2010. 15. [accepts].
  • Reveal, J. L. & C. R. Broome. 1982. Comments on Maryland's proposed endangered and threatened vascular plants. Castanea 47:191–200. [this species was considered widespread, although restricted to one county in Maryland, it was recorded there with populations that supported its exclusion to be considered endangered or threatened].
  • Rohrer, J. R. et al. 2004. Microsatellite analysis of relationships among North American plums (Prunus sect. Prunocerasus, Rosaceae). Pl. Syst. Evol. 244:69–75. [this study used one sample of Prunus alleghaniensis confirming its affinities to P. gracilis, P. maritima, and P. umbellata].
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