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Taxon: Oryza punctata Kotschy ex Steud.

Genus: Oryza section: Oryza series: Latifoliae
Family: Poaceae (alt. Gramineae) subfamily: Ehrhartoideae tribe: Oryzeae
Nomen number: 26074
Place of publication: Syn. pl. glumac. 1:3. 1853
Name verified on: 03-Apr-2009 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 03-Apr-2009
Species priority site is: National Small Grains Collection (NSGC).


A declared noxious weed by USDA-APHIS.
A declared aquatic or terrestrial noxious weed and/or noxious-weed seed in these U.S. states (see state noxious weed lists), with links to state information or web documents:
AL*, FL*, MA*, NC*.
ªAquatic. *Terrestrial. °In seed.
noxious weed information from Invaders Database System for northwestern U.S.

Common names:

  • red rice   (Source: USDA/APHIS ) – English
  • arroz-selvagem   (Source: D. Groth, p.c. 2005) – Portuguese (Brazil)

Economic importance:

  • Gene sources: potential for pest resistance in rice   (fide Brar & Khush 198. 2002)
  • Gene sources: secondary genetic relative of rice   (based on genome (B-carrier) constitution fide Proc Natl Acad Sci 96:1404. 1999)
  • Weed: potential seed contaminant   (fide Weed CIBA)

Distributional range:

    Northeast Tropical Africa: Sudan
    East Tropical Africa: Kenya; Tanzania; Uganda
    West-Central Tropical Africa: Zaire
    West Tropical Africa: Cote D'Ivoire; Ghana; Nigeria; Togo
    South Tropical Africa: Angola; Zimbabwe
    Southern Africa: South Africa - KwaZulu-Natal [n.]; Swaziland
    Western Indian Ocean: Madagascar


  • PROTABASE, the information base of PROTA (Plant Resources of Tropical Africa) (on-line resource).
  • Bao, Y. et al. 2005. Identification of genomic constitution of Oryza species with the B and C genomes by the PCR-RFLP method. Genet. Resources Crop Evol. 52:69–76. [this study evaluates genomic constitution of accessions of the O. officinalis complex; comments that this name applies to African 2x, although this study finds African 4x, BC-genome carriers usually called O. schweinfurthiana].
  • Brunel, J. F. et al., eds. 1984. Flore analytique du Togo. Phanerogames.
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  • Ge, S. et al. 1999. Phylogeny of rice genomes with emphasis on origins of allotetraploid species. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 96:14400–14405. [this study used nuclear & chloroplast genes to reconstruct the phylogeny of the genus; it examined diploid O. punctata that clustered sister to 4x O. eichingeri & together sister to 4x O. minuta, all B-genome carriers].
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