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Taxon: Hemerocallis fulva (L.) L.

Genus: Hemerocallis
Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae subfamily: Hemerocallidoideae. Also placed in: Hemerocallidaceae Liliaceae
Nomen number: 18861
Place of publication: Sp. pl. ed. 2, 1:462. 1762
Typification: View record from Linnaean Plant Name Typification Project of the Natural History Museum of London.
Name verified on: 23-Oct-2002 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 13-May-2009
Species priority site is: National Arboretum (NA). Alternate site is: Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center (OPGC).
Accessions: 1 in National Plant Germplasm System.
  • all available ) NPGS accessions. or .
  • all available ) NPGS accessions by country.
  • Check PlantSearch database of Botanic Gardens Conservation International for possible non-NPGS germplasm.

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Common names:

  • coastal day-lily   (Source: Hemerocallis ) – English   [Hemerocallis fulva var. littorea]
  • common yellow day-lily   (Source: F Korea ) – English   [Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso]
  • fulvous day-lily   (Source: Hem Daylily ) – English
  • orange day-lily   (Source: Hortus 3 ) – English
  • tawny day-lily   (Source: Dict Econ Pl ) – English
  • chang ban xuan cao   (Source: F ChinaEng ) – Transcribed Chinese   [Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso]
  • chang guan xuan cao   (Source: F ChinaEng ) – Transcribed Chinese   [Hemerocallis fulva var. angustifolia]
  • chang lu xuan cao   (Source: F ChinaEng ) – Transcribed Chinese   [Hemerocallis fulva var. aurantiaca]
  • xuan cao   (Source: F ChinaEng ) – Transcribed Chinese
  • xuan cao   (Source: F ChinaEng ) – Transcribed Chinese   [Hemerocallis fulva var. fulva]
  • Bahnwärter-Taglilie   (Source: Zander ed16 ) – German
  • braunrote Taglilie   (Source: Zander ed16 ) – German
  • akino-wasuregusa   (Source: Acta PhGeob 22:42.) – Japanese Rōmaji   [Hemerocallis fulva var. sempervirens]
  • hama-kanzō   (Source: Acta PhGeob 22:42.) – Japanese Rōmaji   [Hemerocallis fulva var. littorea]
  • oni-kanzō   (Source: F Korea ) – Japanese Rōmaji   [Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso]
  • yabu-kanzō   (Source: F Korea ) – Japanese Rōmaji   [Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso]
  • heutowanchuri   (Source: F Korea ) – Transcribed Korean   [Hemerocallis fulva var. littorea]
  • wangwonchuli   (Source: F Korea ) – Transcribed Korean   [Hemerocallis fulva var. kwanso]
  • wonchuri   (Source: Kulturpflanze 34:102.) – Transcribed Korean
  • branddaglilja   (Source: Vara kulturvaxt namn ) – Swedish   [Hemerocallis fulva var. aurantiaca]
  • brunröd daglilja   (Source: Vara kulturvaxt namn ) – Swedish

Economic importance:


Distributional range:

    Western Asia: Iran
    Caucasus: Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia
    China: China - Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan, Zhejiang
    Indian Subcontinent: India

  • naturalized in temperate regions

  • cultivated in temperate regions

  • exact native range obscure, probable origin e. Asia


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  • ePIC: Electronic Plant Information Centre of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
  • AGRICOLA: Article Citation Database or NAL Catalog of USDA's National Agricultural Library
  • Entrez: NCBI's search engine for PubMed citations, GenBank sequences, etc.


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