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Taxon: Dioscorea trifida L. f.

Genus: Dioscorea
Family: Dioscoreaceae
Nomen number: 14263
Place of publication: Suppl. pl. 427. 1782 ("1781")
Name verified on: 12-May-1995 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 18-Oct-2001
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Miami (MIA).


Common names:

  • cush-cush   (Source: Dict Gard ) – English
  • cush-cush yam   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – English
  • yampee   (Source: Dict Gard ) – English (Jamaica)
  • couche-couche   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – French
  • cousse-couche   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – French
  • Kusch-kusch   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – German
  • Kuschkusch-Yamswurzel   (Source: Zander ed17 ) – German
  • cará-doce   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – Portuguese
  • inhame   (Source: D. Groth, p.c. 2005) – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • ñame   (Source: Esp Veg Prom ) – Spanish
  • ñame de la India   (Source: Dict Rehm ) – Spanish
  • mapuey   (Source: AH 505 ) – Spanish
  • tabena   (Source: Esp Veg Prom ) – Spanish (Colombia)
  • sacha papa   (Source: Esp Veg Prom ) – Spanish (Peru)

Economic importance:

  • Human food: vegetable   (fide Dict Econ Pl)
  • Gene sources: primary genetic relative of cush-cush yam   (based on probable hybridization with tetraploid Dioscorea trifida fide Genome 53:378. 2010)
  • Gene sources: probable progenitor of cush-cush yam   (based on autoplyploidization event fide Genome 53:378. 2010)

Distributional range:

    Caribbean: Guadeloupe; Martinique; St. Lucia; St. Vincent and Grenadines - St. Vincent
    Mesoamerica: Costa Rica; Honduras; Nicaragua; Panama
    Northern South America: French Guiana; Guyana; Suriname; Venezuela - Amazonas, Anzoategui, Monagas
    Brazil: Brazil [n.?]
    Western South America: Ecuador - Napo; Peru

    Western South America: Colombia
  • also cultivated


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