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Taxon: Citrus amblycarpa (Hassk.) Ochse

Genus: Citrus
Family: Rutaceae subfamily: Aurantioideae tribe: Aurantieae subtribe: Citrinae
Nomen number: 10679
Place of publication: Ind. vrucht. 217. 1927
Name verified on: 20-Jul-2011 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 20-Jul-2011
Species priority site is: Natl. Germplasm Repository - Riverside (RIV).
Accessions: 1 in National Plant Germplasm System.
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Common names:

  • Nasnaran mandarin   (Source: Pl Cell Rep 30:889.) – English
  • djerook leemo   (Source: Citrus CGC, p.c.) – Indonesian
  • djeruk-limau   (Source: Cornucopia ) – Indonesian

Economic importance:

  • Food additives: flavoring   (in Indonesia fide Cornucopia)
  • Gene sources: graft stock relative for citrus   (fide Pl Cell Rep 30:888. 2011)
  • Gene sources: graft stock relative for grapefruit (citrus)   (although evidence of low productivity fide Fruits 60:313. 2005)
  • Gene sources: graft stock relative for orange (citrus)   (fide Rev UDO Agric 9:349, 354. 2009)

Distributional range:

    Malesia: Indonesia - Java


  • Backer, C. A. & R. C. Bakhuizen van den Brink, Jr. 1963–1968. Flora of Java.
  • Carpenter, J. B. & P. C. Reece. 1969. Catalog of genera, species, and subordinate taxa in the orange subfamily Aurantioideae (Rutaceae).
  • Citrus Crop Germplasm Committee. 1998. pers. comm. [re. common names].
  • Dambier, D. et al. 2011. Somatic hybridization for citrus rootstock breeding: an effective tool to solve important issues of the Mediterranean citrus industry. Pl. Cell Rep. 30:883–900. [this study tested Citrus amblycarpa as a parental donor, succeeding in obtaining somatic hybrids].
  • Facciola, S. 1990. Cornucopia, a source book of edible plants. [= Citrus ×amblycarpa].
  • Federici, C. T. et al. 1998. Phylogenetic relationships within the genus Citrus (Rutaceae) and related genera as revealed by RFLP and RAPD analysis. Theor. Appl. Genet. 96:812–822. [this study included one sample of Citrus amblycarpa that grouped in one of the mandarin clusters].
  • Froelicher, Y. et al. 2011. New universal mitochondrial PCR markers reveal new information on maternal citrus phylogeny. Tree Genet. Genomes 7:49–61. [this study examined the origin and maternal phylogeny of cultivated citrus; it included a sample of Citrus amblycarpa that was resolved among members of the 'Micrantha' mitotype that included species of both the subgenera Papeda and Citrus (sensu Swingle)].
  • León, M. et al. 2009. Fenologia de la naranja 'Valencia' sobre tres patrones en Yumare, estado Yaracuy, Venezuela. Rev. UDO Agric. 9:347–355.
  • Ollitrault, P. et al. 2012. SNP mining in C. clementina BAC end sequences; transferability in the Citrus genus (Rutaceae), phylogenetic inferences and perspectives for genetic mapping. B. M. C. Genomics 13:13.
  • Porcher, M. H. et al. Searchable World Wide Web Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database (MMPND) (on-line resource).
  • Ramin, A.-A. & A. Alirezanezhad. 2005. Effects of citrus rootstocks on fruit yield and quality of Ruby Red and Marsh grapefruit. Fruits 60:311–317.
  • Tanaka, T. 1954. Species problem in Citrus: a critical study of wild and cultivated units of Citrus, based upon field studies in their native homes. In: Tanaka, T., Revisio Aurantiacearum 9:139.


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