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Taxon: Solanum brevicaule Bitter

Genus: Solanum subgenus: Potatoe section: Petota subsection: Potatoe
Family: Solanaceae subfamily: Solanoideae tribe: Solaneae
Nomen number: 100857
Place of publication: Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 11:390. 1912
Name verified on: 21-Nov-2010 by ARS Systematic Botanists. Last updated: 21-Nov-2010
Species priority site is: Potato Germplasm Introduction Station (NR6).
Accessions: 551 in National Plant Germplasm System.
  • all available ) NPGS accessions. or .
  • all available ) NPGS accessions by country.
  • only available ) NPGS core subset accessions for the crop ‘POTATO’ ) or .
  • Check PlantSearch database of Botanic Gardens Conservation International for possible non-NPGS germplasm.

Economic importance:

  • Gene sources: cold tolerance for potato   (fide Potato EGR)
  • Gene sources: disease resistance for potato   (for Erwinia and for Verticillium wilt fide Pl Breed Rev 19:106. 2000, as S. gourlayi, S. sparsipilum; Pl Breed Rev 19:123. 2000, for PVX, as S. × sucrense)
  • Gene sources: pest resistance for potato   (to potato cyst nematode (as Solanum oplocense) fide Potato EGR)
  • Gene sources: primary genetic relative of potato   (diploid & 2EBN fide Handb Potato 26. 2006)

Distributional range:

    Western South America: Bolivia - Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, La Paz, Oruro, Potosi, Santa Cruz, Tarija; Peru - Apurimac, Ayacucho, Cuzco, Huancavelica, Lima, Puno
    Southern South America: Argentina - Catamarca, Jujuy, La Rioja, Salta, San Juan, Tucuman


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