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Genus: Arachnothryx Planch.

Family: Rubiaceae subfamily Cinchonoideae tribe Guettardeae
Genus number: 13426
Last updated: 31-Mar-2011

List of Species Records in GRIN.

References for genus:

  • Borhidi, A. 2006. Rubiáceas de México. (Rub Mex) [accepts].
  • Kirkbride, J. H., Jr. 1969. A revision of the Panamanian species of Rondeletia (Rubiaceae). Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 55:372–373. [= Rondeletia L.].
  • Lorence, D. 1991. New species and combinations in Mexican and Central American Rondeletia (Rubiaceae). Novon 1:135–157. [= Rondeletia L.].
  • Rova, J. H. E. et al. 2009. The Rondeletia complex (Rubiaceae): an attempt to use ITS, rps16, and trnL-F sequence data to delimit Guettardeae, Rondeletieae, and sections within Rondeletia. Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 96:182–193. [accepts].
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  • ING: Index Nominum Genericorum
  • NCU-3e: Names in Current Use for Extant Plant Genera

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