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Family: Rutaceae  Juss., nom. cons.

Family number: 979. Last updated: 17-Jan-2003.
Number of accepted genera: 177.
Type genus: Ruta L.
Comment: dicot family.

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References for family:

  • Araújo, E. F. de et al. 2003. What is Citrus? Taxonomic implications from a study of cp-DNA evolution in tribe Citreae (Rutaceae subfamily Aurantioideae). Organisms Diversity Evol. 3:55–62. [supports broader definition of Citrus, to include Fortunella, Microcitrus, and Poncirus, because of placement of Citrus medica, the type of Citrus, in their analysis in a position isolated from other Citrus and together with these other genera].
  • Bayer, R. J. et al. 2009. A molecular phylogeny of the orange subfamily (Rutaceae: Aurantioideae) using nine cpDNA sequences. Amer. J. Bot. 96:668–685. [data support movement of Murraya sensu stricto and Merrillia from Clauseneae to Citreae; enlargement of Citrus to include Clymenia, Eremocitrus, Microcitrus, Oxanthera, Fortunella and Poncirus; and monophyly of Aurantioideae].
  • Chase, M. W. et al. 1999. Phylogenetic relationships of Rutaceae: A cladistic analysis of the subfamilies using evidence from rbcL and atpB sequence variation. Amer. J. Bot. 86:1191–1199. [especially for recognition and composition of the subfamily Spathelioideae and isolated position of Ruta with respect to other Rutoideae].
  • Groppo, M. et al. 2008. Phylogeny of Rutaceae based on two noncoding regions from cpDNA. Amer. J. Bot. 95:985–1005. [data support monophyly of Spathelioideae and Aurantioideae, but not of other subfamilies and tribes].
  • Guerra, M. et al. 2000. Heterochromatin banding patterns in Rutaceae-Aurantioideae--a case of parallel chromosomal evolution. Amer. J. Bot. 87:735–747. [segregation of Bergera from Murraya, and movement of Murraya sensu stricto and Merrillia from Clauseneae to Citreae].
  • Kaastra, R. C. 1982. Pilocarpinae (Rutaceae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 33:132–181. [composition of Cusparieae [subtribe Pilocarpinae]].
  • Morton, C. M. & J. A. Kallunki. 1993. Pollen morphology of the subtribe Cuspariinae (Rutaceae). Brittonia 45:286–314. [composition of Cusparieae [subtribe Cuspariinae]].
  • Morton, C. M. et al. 2003. Phylogenetic relationships of the Aurantioideae inferred from chloroplast DNA sequence data. Amer. J. Bot. 90:1463–1469. [data support movement of Murraya sensu stricto and Merrillia from Clauseneae to Citreae and monophyly of Aurantioideae].
  • Poon, W.-S. et al. 2007. Congruence of molecular, morphological and biochemical profiles in Rutaceae: A cladistic analysis of the subfamilies Rutoideae and Toddalioideae. Syst. Bot. 32:837–846. [supports merging of Rutoideae and Toddalioideae, but also indicates isolated position of Ruta with respect to other Rutoideae].
  • Scott, K. D. et al. 2000. Molecular analyses suggest a need for a significant rearrangement of Rutaceae subfamilies and a minor reassessment of species relationships within Flindersia. Pl. Syst. Evol. 223:15–27. [data supports inclusion of Flindersia in Rutaceae, monophyly of Aurantioideae, and isolated position of Ruta with respect to other Rutoideae].
  • Stace, H. M. et al. 1993. Cytoevolutionary patterns in Rutaceae. Pl. Syst. Evol. 187:1–28. [composition of Boronieae and Rutinae [the close relatives of Ruta, which comprise the current Rutioideae]].
  • Trinder-Smith, T. H. et al. 2007. Plastid DNA sequences reveal generic paraphyly within Diosmeae (Rutoideae, Rutaceae). Syst. Bot. 32:847–855. [supports monophyly of tribe Diosmeae].
  • Waterman, P. G. 2007. The curent status of chemical systematics. Phytochemistry 68:9896–2903. [provides brief summary of Rutaceae (on p. 2902) supporting composition of Spathelioideae and merging of Rutoideae and Toddalioideae].
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Synonyms for family:

Subfamilies and tribes for Rutaceae:

Subfamily Tribe Subtribe
Aurantioideae Aurantieae
Aurantioideae Aurantieae Balsamocitrinae
Aurantioideae Aurantieae Citrinae
Aurantioideae Aurantieae Merrilliinae
Aurantioideae Clauseneae
Toddalioideae Boronieae
Toddalioideae Cusparieae
Toddalioideae Diosmeae


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