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Family: Arecaceae  Bercht. & J. Presl, nom. cons.

Family number: 95. Last updated: 13-Apr-2007.
Alternate name: Palmae
Number of accepted genera: 188.
Type genus: Areca L.
Comment: monocot family.

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References for family:

  • Uhl, N. W. & J. Dransfield. 1987. Genera palmarum: a classification of palms based on the work of Harold E. Moore, Jr. (Gen Palm)
  • KBD: Kew Bibliographic Databases of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
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  • Google Scholar

Synonyms for family:

Subfamilies and tribes for Arecaceae:

Subfamily Tribe Subtribe
Arecoideae Areceae
Arecoideae Areceae Archontophoenicinae
Arecoideae Areceae Arecinae
Arecoideae Areceae Basseliniinae
Arecoideae Areceae Carpoxylinae
Arecoideae Areceae Clinospermatinae
Arecoideae Areceae Cyrtostachydinae
Arecoideae Areceae Dypsidinae
Arecoideae Areceae Linospadicinae
Arecoideae Areceae Malortieinae
Arecoideae Areceae Oncospermatinae
Arecoideae Areceae Ptychospermatinae
Arecoideae Areceae Rhopalostylidinae
Arecoideae Areceae Verschaffeltiinae
Arecoideae Chamaedoreeae
Arecoideae Cocoseae
Arecoideae Cocoseae Attaleinae
Arecoideae Cocoseae Bactridinae
Arecoideae Cocoseae Elaeidinae
Arecoideae Euterpeae
Arecoideae Geonomateae
Arecoideae Iriarteeae
Arecoideae Leopoldinieae
Arecoideae Manicarieae
Arecoideae Oranieae
Arecoideae Pelagodoxeae
Arecoideae Podococceae
Arecoideae Reinhardtieae
Arecoideae Roystoneeae
Arecoideae Sclerospermeae
Calamoideae Calameae
Calamoideae Calameae Calaminae
Calamoideae Calameae Korthalsiinae
Calamoideae Calameae Metroxylinae
Calamoideae Calameae Pigafettinae
Calamoideae Calameae Plectocomiinae
Calamoideae Calameae Salaccinae
Calamoideae Eugeissoneae
Calamoideae Lepidocaryeae
Calamoideae Lepidocaryeae Ancistrophyllinae
Calamoideae Lepidocaryeae Mauritiinae
Calamoideae Lepidocaryeae Raphiinae
Ceroxyloideae Ceroxyleae
Ceroxyloideae Cyclospatheae
Ceroxyloideae Phytelepheae
Coryphoideae Borasseae
Coryphoideae Borasseae Hyphaeninae
Coryphoideae Borasseae Lataniinae
Coryphoideae Caryoteae
Coryphoideae Chuniophoeniceae
Coryphoideae Corypheae
Coryphoideae Cryosophileae
Coryphoideae Phoeniceae
Coryphoideae Sabaleae
Coryphoideae Trachycarpeae
Coryphoideae Trachycarpeae Livistoninae
Coryphoideae Trachycarpeae Rhapidinae


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