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Family: Poaceae  Barnhart, nom. cons.

Family number: 897. Last updated: 13-Apr-2007.
Alternate name: Gramineae
Number of accepted genera: 787.
Type genus: Poa L.
Comment: monocot family.

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Synonyms for family:

Subfamilies and tribes for Poaceae:

Subfamily Tribe Subtribe
Anomochlooideae Anomochloeae
Anomochlooideae Streptochaeteae
Aristidoideae Aristideae
Arundinoideae Arundineae
Bambusoideae Arundinarieae
Bambusoideae Bambuseae
Bambusoideae Olyreae
Chloridoideae Cynodonteae
Chloridoideae Eragrostideae
Chloridoideae Triraphideae
Chloridoideae Zoysieae
Danthonioideae Danthonieae
Ehrhartoideae Ehrharteae
Ehrhartoideae Oryzeae
Ehrhartoideae Phyllorachideae
Ehrhartoideae Streptogyneae
Micrairoideae Eriachneae
Micrairoideae Isachneae
Micrairoideae Micraireae
Panicoideae Andropogoneae
Panicoideae Arundinelleae
Panicoideae Centotheceae
Panicoideae Chasmanthieae
Panicoideae Cyperochloeae
Panicoideae Gynerieae
Panicoideae Hubbardieae
Panicoideae Paniceae
Panicoideae Steyermarkochloeae
Panicoideae Thysanolaeneae
Panicoideae Tristachyideae
Panicoideae Zeugiteae
Pharoideae Phareae
Pooideae Ampelodesmeae
Pooideae Brachyelytreae
Pooideae Brachypodieae
Pooideae Bromeae
Pooideae Brylkinieae
Pooideae Diarrheneae
Pooideae Lygeeae
Pooideae Meliceae
Pooideae Nardeae
Pooideae Phaenospermateae
Pooideae Poeae
Pooideae Poeae Agrostidinae
Pooideae Poeae Airinae
Pooideae Poeae Alopecurinae
Pooideae Poeae Ammochloinae
Pooideae Poeae Aveninae
Pooideae Poeae Brizinae
Pooideae Poeae Cinninae
Pooideae Poeae Coleanthinae
Pooideae Poeae Cynosurinae
Pooideae Poeae Dactylidinae
Pooideae Poeae Loliinae
Pooideae Poeae Miborinae
Pooideae Poeae Miliinae
Pooideae Poeae Parapholiinae
Pooideae Poeae Phalaridinae
Pooideae Poeae Poinae
Pooideae Poeae Puccinelliinae
Pooideae Poeae Scolochloinae
Pooideae Poeae Scribneriinae
Pooideae Poeae Sesleriinae
Pooideae Poeae Torreyochloinae
Pooideae Stipeae
Pooideae Triticeae
Puelioideae Guaduelleae
Puelioideae Puelieae


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