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Family: Euphorbiaceae  Juss., nom. cons.

Family number: 433. Last updated: 17-Jan-2003.
Number of accepted genera: 232.
Type genus: Euphorbia L.
Comment: dicot family.

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Synonyms for family:

Subfamilies and tribes for Euphorbiaceae:

Subfamily Tribe Subtribe
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Acalyphinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Adrianinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Claoxylinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Cleidiinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Dysopsidinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Lasiococcinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Lobaniliinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Mareyinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Mercurialinae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Ricininae
Acalyphoideae Acalypheae Rottlerinae
Acalyphoideae Adelieae
Acalyphoideae Agrostistachydeae
Acalyphoideae Alchorneeae
Acalyphoideae Alchorneeae Alchorneinae
Acalyphoideae Alchorneeae Conceveibinae
Acalyphoideae Ampereeae
Acalyphoideae Bernardieae
Acalyphoideae Caryodendreae
Acalyphoideae Chrozophoreae
Acalyphoideae Chrozophoreae Chrozophorinae
Acalyphoideae Chrozophoreae Ditaxinae
Acalyphoideae Chrozophoreae Doryxylinae
Acalyphoideae Chrozophoreae Speranskiinae
Acalyphoideae Clutieae
Acalyphoideae Epiprineae
Acalyphoideae Epiprineae Cephalomappinae
Acalyphoideae Epiprineae Epiprininae
Acalyphoideae Erismantheae
Acalyphoideae Omphaleeae
Acalyphoideae Plukenetieae
Acalyphoideae Plukenetieae Dalechampiinae
Acalyphoideae Plukenetieae Plukenetiinae
Acalyphoideae Plukenetieae Tragiinae
Acalyphoideae Pogonophoreae
Acalyphoideae Pycnocomeae
Acalyphoideae Pycnocomeae Blumeodendrinae
Acalyphoideae Pycnocomeae Pycnocominae
Acalyphoideae Sphyranthereae
Crotonoideae Adenoclineae
Crotonoideae Adenoclineae Adenoclininae
Crotonoideae Adenoclineae Endosperminae
Crotonoideae Aleuritideae
Crotonoideae Aleuritideae Aleuritinae
Crotonoideae Aleuritideae Benoistiinae
Crotonoideae Aleuritideae Crotonogyninae
Crotonoideae Aleuritideae Garciinae
Crotonoideae Aleuritideae Grosserinae
Crotonoideae Aleuritideae Neoboutoniinae
Crotonoideae Codiaeeae
Crotonoideae Crotoneae
Crotonoideae Elateriospermeae
Crotonoideae Gelonieae
Crotonoideae Jatropheae
Crotonoideae Manihoteae
Crotonoideae Micrandreae
Crotonoideae Micrandreae Heveinae
Crotonoideae Micrandreae Micrandrinae
Crotonoideae Ricinocarpeae
Crotonoideae Ricinocarpeae Bertyinae
Crotonoideae Ricinocarpeae Ricinocarpinae
Crotonoideae Ricinodendreae
Crotonoideae Trigonostemoneae
Euphorbioideae Euphorbieae
Euphorbioideae Euphorbieae Anthosteminae
Euphorbioideae Euphorbieae Euphorbiinae
Euphorbioideae Euphorbieae Neoguillauminiinae
Euphorbioideae Hippomaneae
Euphorbioideae Hippomaneae Carumbiinae
Euphorbioideae Hippomaneae Hippomaninae
Euphorbioideae Hureae
Euphorbioideae Pachystromateae
Euphorbioideae Stomatocalyceae
Euphorbioideae Stomatocalyceae Hamilcoinae
Euphorbioideae Stomatocalyceae Stomatocalycinae


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