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Family: Apiaceae  Lindl., nom. cons.
subfam. Apioideae

Family number: 3007. Last updated: 25-Jan-2013.
Number of accepted genera: 353.
Type genus: Apium L.
Comment: dicot.

Complete list of genera

References for subfamily:

  • Downie, S. R. et al. 2010. Major clades within Apiaceae subfamily Apioideae as inferred by phylogenetic analysis of nrDNA ITS sequences. Pl. Diversity Evol. 128:111–136.

Tribes for Apioideae:

Subfamily Tribe Subtribe
Apioideae Aciphylleae
Apioideae Annesorhizeae
Apioideae Apieae
Apioideae Bupleureae
Apioideae Careae
Apioideae Chamaesieae
Apioideae Choritaenieae
Apioideae Coriandreae
Apioideae Echinophoreae
Apioideae Erigenieae
Apioideae Heteromorpheae
Apioideae Komarovieae
Apioideae Lichtensteinieae
Apioideae Marlothielleae
Apioideae Oenantheae
Apioideae Phlyctidocarpeae
Apioideae Pimpinelleae
Apioideae Pleurospermeae
Apioideae Pyramidoptereae
Apioideae Saniculeae
Apioideae Scandiceae
Apioideae Scandiceae Daucinae
Apioideae Scandiceae Ferulinae
Apioideae Scandiceae Scandicinae
Apioideae Scandiceae Torilidinae
Apioideae Selineae
Apioideae Smyrnieae
Apioideae Steganotaenieae
Apioideae Tordylieae
Apioideae Tordylieae Tordyliinae


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