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Family: Asteraceae  Bercht. & J. Presl, nom. cons.

Family number: 110. Last updated: 13-Apr-2007.
Alternate name: Compositae
Number of accepted genera: 1677.
Type genus: Aster L.
Comment: dicot family.

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References for family:

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  • (Biol Util Comp)
  • KBD: Kew Bibliographic Databases of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
    Note: Log on to KBD for better access.
  • Google Scholar

Synonyms for family:

Subfamilies and tribes for Asteraceae:

Subfamily Tribe Subtribe
Asteroideae Anthemideae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Anthemidinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Artemisiinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Athanasiinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Cotulinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Glebionidinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Handeliinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Leucantheminae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Leucanthemopsidinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Matricariinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Osmitopsidinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Pentziinae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Phymasperminae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Santolininae
Asteroideae Anthemideae Ursiniinae
Asteroideae Astereae
Asteroideae Athroismeae
Asteroideae Bahieae
Asteroideae Calenduleae
Asteroideae Chaenactideae
Asteroideae Coreopsideae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Adenostemmatinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Ageratinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Alomiinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Ayapaninae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Critoniinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Disynaphiinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Eupatoriinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Fleischmanniinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Gyptidinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Hebecliniinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Hofmeisteriinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Liatrinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Mikaniinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Neomirandeinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Oaxacaniinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Oyxlobinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Piqueriinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Praxelinae
Asteroideae Eupatorieae Trichocoroninae
Asteroideae Feddeeae
Asteroideae Gnaphalieae
Asteroideae Helenieae
Asteroideae Heliantheae
Asteroideae Inuleae
Asteroideae Madieae
Asteroideae Millerieae
Asteroideae Neurolaeneae
Asteroideae Perityleae
Asteroideae Polymnieae
Asteroideae Senecioneae
Asteroideae Senecioneae Abrotanellinae
Asteroideae Senecioneae Othonninae
Asteroideae Senecioneae Senecioninae
Asteroideae Senecioneae Tussilagininae
Asteroideae Tageteae
Barnadesioideae Barnadesieae
Carduoideae Cardueae
Carduoideae Cardueae Cardopatiinae
Carduoideae Cardueae Carduinae
Carduoideae Cardueae Carlininae
Carduoideae Cardueae Centaureinae
Carduoideae Cardueae Echinopsinae
Carduoideae Dicomeae
Carduoideae Oldenburgieae
Carduoideae Tarchonantheae
Cichorioideae Arctotideae
Cichorioideae Arctotideae Arctotidinae
Cichorioideae Arctotideae Gorteriinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Chondrillinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Cichoriinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Crepidinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Hieraciinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Hyoseridinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Hypochaeridinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Lactucinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Microseridinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Scolyminae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Scorzonerinae
Cichorioideae Cichorieae Warioniinae
Cichorioideae Eremothamneae
Cichorioideae Liabeae
Cichorioideae Liabeae Liabinae
Cichorioideae Liabeae Munnoziinae
Cichorioideae Liabeae Paranepheliinae
Cichorioideae Liabeae Sinclairinae
Cichorioideae Moquinieae
Cichorioideae Platycarpheae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Centrapalinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Centratherinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Chrestinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Dipterocypselinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Distephaninae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Elephantopinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Erlangeinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Gymnantheminae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Hesperomanniinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Leiboldiinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Lepidaploinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Linziinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Lychnophorinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Mesanthophorinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Pacourininae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Piptocarphinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Rolandrinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Sipolisiinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Stokesiinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Trichospirinae
Cichorioideae Vernonieae Vernoniinae
Corymbioideae Corymbieae
Gochnatioideae Gochnatieae
Gymnarrhenoideae Gymnarrheneae
Hecastocleidoideae Hecastocleideae
Mutisioideae Mutisieae
Mutisioideae Nassauvieae
Mutisioideae Onoserideae
Pertyoideae Pertyeae
Stifftioideae Stifftieae
Wunderlichioideae Hyalideae
Wunderlichioideae Wunderlichieae


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