Nematodes, Weeds and Crops Research Unit

Agricultural Research Service
South Atlantic Area

P.O. Box 748
Tifton, GA 31793
Phone: (912) 386-3372
FAX: (912) 386-3437


The mission of this management unit is to conduct basic, developmental, and applied research in the Southeastern Coastal Plain required to develop principles, practices, theories, models, and integrated systems for effective and economic management of nematodes, weeds, diseases, and insects directed toward improving production efficiency of high quality irrigated crops, and to minimize undesirable effects of pesticides on the environment and public health. Based on the ARS program plan, research emphasis are:

  1. to reduce pesticide usage;
  2. to develop systems to reduce potential soil and groundwater pollution by herbicides and nematicides;
  3. to conduct basic research on the biology of concomitant nematode, disease, weed, and insect populations in intensive irrigated vegetable and agronomic crop production systems including forage crops, pasture grasses, and legumes;
  4. to develop integrated pest management strategies and predictive models for intensive irrigated crop production systems under conventional and conservation tillage systems that accurately predict the consequences of alternative decisions and potential for soil and groundwater pollution;
  5. to identify and utilize pest resistant germplasm to expand fundamental research and breeding of peanut for resistance to preharvest aflatoxin contamination, root-knot nematodes, leafspots, white mold, and tomato spotted wilt virus.



Dr. A.W. (Bill) Johnson -- Research Leader (Nematologist)
Telephone -- 912/386-3372
e-mail --

Mrs. Deborah J. Osborne -- Secretary
Telephone -- 912/386-3372
e-mail --

Dr. Clyde C. Dowler -- Research Agronomist (Weed Science)
Telephone -- 912/386-3352
e-mail --

Dr. C. Corley Holbrook -- Research Geneticist (Peanuts)
Telephone -- 912/386-3176
e-mail --

Dr. W. Carroll Johnson, III -- Research Agronomist (Weed Science)
Telephone -- 912/386-3172
e-mail --

Dr. R. Don Wauchope -- Research Chemist
Telephone -- 912/386-3892
e-mail --

Mr. Tom A. Hendricks -- Chemist (Manager, IP-4 Pesticide Residue Lab)
Telephone -- 912/382-2392
e-mail --

Mr. Ben A. Fraelich -- Entomologist (Manager, IR-4 Field Projects)
Telephone -- 912/386-3609
e-mail --

Mr. Mike G. Stephenson -- Agronomist
Telephone -- 912/386-3167
e-mail --


Last Update: 3/24/97