Forage and Turf Research Unit

Agricultural Research Service
South Atlantic Area

P.O. Box 748
Tifton, GA 31793
Phone: (912) 386-3353
FAX: (912) 391-3701


The mission of the Forage and Turf Unit of the SE Area of the Southern Region is:

  1. to develop new and improved breeding methods, genetic populations, breeding lines and cultivars of forage grasses and legumes that combine improved yield potential & forage quality with better resistance to pests, tolerance to environmental stress, conservation of scarce resources, and adaptation for small farm use as well as mechanized culture, harvesting and handling;
  2. to develop new and improved management practices that increase forage crop yields, minimize production and utilization losses, improve feed quality, conserve and use scarce resources efficiently, and enhance environmental quality;
  3. to develop new and improved cultural and management practices that increase forage crop and turfgrass seed yields, reduce production losses, and improve seed quality and preservation;
  4. to develop turfgrass cultivars;
  5. to develop improved cultural practices to reduce maintenance costs, provide greater persistence and improve the aesthetic characteristics of turfgrass;
  6. to serve as curator of Pennisetum germplasm.


Dr. Glenn W. Burton -- Research Leader
Telephone: 912/386-3353
e-mail --

Mrs. Waldene Barnhill -- Secretary
Telephone: 912/386-3353
e-mail --

Dr. Roger Gates -- Research Agronomist
Telephone: 912/386-3175
e-mail --

Dr. Wayne Hanna -- Research Geneticist
Telephone: 912/386-3177
e-mail --

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson -- Research Plant Pathologist
Telephone: 912/386-3189
e-mail --

Last Update: 3/24/97