P.O. BOX 4487 HILO, HAWAII 96720

May 1,1996

Curator:Dr. Francis Zee
phone:(808) 959-5833
fax:(808) 959-3539

Distribution Policy: A SMALL QUANTITY OF PROPAGULES will be provided free of charge to scientists and the plant industry upon request. For requests outside of the United States, please include an IMPORT PERMIT ( with English translation) from your plant quarantine office. Please inform your plant quarantine officers that USDA-APHIS ( the U.S. plant inspection service) will not process or issue a phytosanitary certificate for any materials that are treated with pesticides, so please do not request any chemical treatments in the import permit.
DISCLAIMER: The NCGR-Hilo has made every effort to authenticate the name and health status of the plant material prior to distribution,but the NCGR-Hilo assumes no responsibility for the identity, health, or performance of the plants or propagules being shipped. This germplasm is being freely distributed. Reciprocal exchange will be appreciated under "mutually agreed terms" of the CONVENTION ON BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY.